About Us


eXp Realty and Baskin Real Estate Specialists in Tulsa, OK develop leading strategies to sell more real estate.

The Baskin Real Estate Specialists were formed in 1993 when Darryl Baskin, Realtor at 23 years old, surveyed his current clients. “What can Darryl Baskin, Realtor do to improve his service.” Many participants said “This is the best buying and selling real estate experience we have ever had. Darryl Baskin Needs to clone himself.”  That was when the “Team” concept of real estate was born in Tulsa, OK.

Darryl slowly expanded his operation creating specific roles for each of his new positions. First, a simple assistant, then a person specifically to work for buyers. Later, special training and new client-focused positions developed. Known as “Specialists,” each new real estate agent was trained with a specialty to provide an unmatched experience for each of the Baskin clients. Now, over 20 years later, The Baskin Real Estate Specialists continue to lead the Tulsa, OK region in innovative home marketing strategies, home buyer negotiations, and community leadership.

As the real estate business continues to change rapidly due to technology, Darryl and his staff are creatively developing better services and programs to sell houses faster and easier. The Darryl Baskin Realtor laboratory continues to lead the industry in development and implementation of new ideas.

For a personal consultation with a Baskin Specialist at eXp Realty, submit this simple contact request and we you will be contacted quickly for a no-obligation real estate consultation. Or, call the office directly at 918-740-0077.