Achieve Your Home Dreams with the Right Realtor® for You

Whether you’re selling or buying a home, finding the right Realtor® to work with can make the difference between being happy with your home decisions or not. 

  • 03:31- Junior AchievementTeaching kids the economics of life- Shannon Bealer, President
    • Develops thinking skills- Encourages them to stay in school and gives them a new perspective on why they should have an education.
    • JA Biztown-gives 11 year olds the opportunity to run their own city. Sees how daily things, such as basic utilities, change the economics of the city.
    • Ipads for Highschoolers-App which allows them to pick their own socioeconomic group. Designed to help them see how their choices now affect their future. Looks into topics such as family planning, education, and career choices.
    • Volunteer!-JR Achievement is always in need of individuals to teach classes on aspects of running business, finances, etc. Contact through their website or call 918-663-2150 today!
  • 16:40-How to Pick the Right Real Estate Professional for You!- Stan Stevens, EXP Realty
    • Do an interview – Ask a series of questions to help you feel confident they are the best person to represent you and your home.
    • For Buyers- The right professional should give you a home and explain the lifestyle options of the community, any problems with resale, how the community is developing
    • For Sellers- The right professional gives you negotiating skills, they can point buyers to your home, show you where demand is and how to meet it.
    • 20 Questions You Must Ask Your Realtor
  • 27:55-Changing Interest Rates and How They Affect Your Home – Dan Newbury from TTCU
    • Economy is heating up-leads to higher interest rates and inflation.
    • Changes in rates = changes in what home you can afford-higher rates change what loan amount you are eligible for.
    • Lock in your adjustable rate mortgage now-Get a fixed rate before the interest rates rise higher. Gives you stability so you can sell later!
    • Apply for a loan with TTCU or call 918-749-8828 today.
  • 41:17-“Dumb” offers – Stan Stevens, EXP Realty
    • What is a “dumb” offer?-An offer which seems too low, seems ridiculous
    • Why do buyers make “dumb” offers?-Perhaps they’re trying to negotiate or get the seller talking.
    • What should a seller do?-Say “no thanks” and move on. They counter and go up, or you could counter offer!
    • Why a Realty Professional Matters-Helps you know how much your home is worth, or how much to offer when buying a home.

Featured Listings!

  • 6718 S Atlanta street -$235,000; This is a short sale with a price drop. Has been appraised for $250,000. In Williamsburg neighborhood, great property, good for an investment or to live in.
  • 6708 S Atlanta Pl – $289,000, 4,500 sq ft, 4 bed, 1 bonus room, 3.5 bath, 17,000 sq ft lot, circular drive, separate garage, and private office entrance.
  • 7201 W Edison St – 1,750,000, 55 acres, w/free house! 6,000 sq ft, (the land alone is worth that) house is an extra bonues. Has a swimming pool, 24 stall barn/stable which could be made into an event center, kitchen is amazing.
  • 1013 S Cyprus ave – has an open house on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 2-4 this week , in Union school district, 5 bed, 3 car garage.
  • 1201 N 52, $240,000, in Broken Arrow neighborhood. Has a 3 car garage, tandem garage on one opening which is a great feature! Amazing house, you have to see the master bath.

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