The Future of Real Estate Discusses FAQs for Tulsa Home Sellers

Tulsa CASA– Court Appointed Special Advocates speak up for children in court.  Children who have been removed from their home due to allegations of abuse or neglect. Appointed volunteers in Tulsa work with teachers, foster parents, therapists, doctors, children, parents and caseworkers. They gather information and talk with those involved and are able to give a valuable opinion to the judge.  For more information on Court Appointed Special Advocates, contact them at

Junior Achievement–  Junior Achievement helps teach kids financial literacy.  Volunteers teach a pre-written curriculum but are able to use their real world experience.  Kids learn how to run a business, how the economy works, how to pay bills, how to balance a checkbook and much more.  For more information on Junior Achievement, visit their webpage at

A Short Sale is a sale in which the owner owes more on the property than they will be able to pay back.  Basically a short sale occurs instead of foreclosure.  The bank will often agree to allow the home to be sold at a loss, instead of paying the increased insurance fees, attorneys fees and other expenses that they will occur with a foreclosure. If you feel like you are underwater on your home and you are unable to sell it, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists at 918-397-5564 for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions for Tulsa Home Sellers

How long does it take to get my Tulsa home on them market once I sign a listing with you?  Technically, we could have it on the market within about an hour but is generally within about 48 hours.  I also recommend that we start planning ahead.  You can interview us and we can interview you. We want to make sure we are a good fit.    We want to learn about each other, discuss the marketing program and how to get your Tulsa area home ready to sell.  Then when these things are done, we can take pictures and get your home on the market.  It is not about how fast the sign goes up.  Think through the consequences of putting it up for sale quickly without a prepared home and good pictures.  Take a little longer to prepare before you rush into listing your home.

What does the sign “coming soon” mean?  – When you see the sign, “coming soon”,  these homes are not listed yet but are expected to be on the market soon.  These are often seen in an area that is very popular.  Sometimes Realtors can give you some basic information on the property and the sellers are simply waiting on some basic repairs before the home is listed.

What do I consider when it comes to Real Estate investment?–  A home is often considered your biggest investment but is also your biggest expense.  It can be better than renting but from an investment standpoint it might be better to have someone living on your home and paying you to live there.  Maintenance and other are covered but the cost of the rental.  Step back and apply it as a true investment but do realize that real estate investment is not easy.  There is lots of hard work involved.

How much negotiating room do I leave in the price?  Many Tulsa area home sellers will want to price high so that it will come down but that doesn’t always work.  The most showings often come right off the bat and pricing too high will reduce the number of buyers that will look and could keep some from making and offer. Leaving a small amount of room in the price can be okay in some circumstances.  I find though that it’s better to be at a lower price and get an offer (even if you lose  it or counter) than to be at a higher price and never get an offer at all. Know what you are willing to take, what you need to pay off your mortgage, why you are selling, etc? Also consider your holding cost.  Each month your home is on the market and you don’t sell it is costing you money, if you need to sell it.  From utilities, maintenance, mortgage, security system, and so on the costs keep coming.  Is it better to sell it now for a little less or spend all the money on holding costs and not know how much you will sell it for in the future? It’s also important to remember that the right agent is also very important.  Any agent can put a sign in your yard.  You need someone with experience, that you can trust and that you will be willing to hear the information they give you- good or bad.

How do you handle showings when you have an event planned at your home?–  Let buyers know whats going on but let them come look.  Do your best to accommodate them because some buyers are unable to come another time.


Protecting Your Online Data– You need multiple layers of protection with your online data!  One thing is to simply not send important information via email- such as a social security number.  To help protect yourself, keep all your passwords different.  Don’t use the same one on multiple sites.  Be cautious with emails because hackers will send an official looking email or even hack into the actual account and send an email.  Also, work with a company that uses encrypted email solutions or a secure portal or thread.  On a home level you can even set up many routers to filter some of your emails.  There are often many security features on newer router. For all your Tulsa Title and Abstract needs, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-496-9090 or



Tulsa Area Real Estate for Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa

6718 S Atlanta Avenue Tulsa- $245,000- one level, 2394 square feet, remodeled kitchen, patio, 4 bedrooms, 2 full 1 half bathrooms

5101-5103 E 32nd Street Tulsa- $159,900- Duplex, 2 bedrooms 2 bath on each side

For more information on Tulsa real estate, contact Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

3 Bedroom Tulsa Home with a Pool!


You’re all set for Summer with this Tulsa 3 bedroom home with an inground pool. This home is located at 3131 South 69th East Avenue in Tulsa and is priced at $129,000.  In addition to 3 bedrooms, there are 2 bathrooms and over 1300 square feet (per Courthouse).  For more information on this Tulsa home for sale, view the 3131 S 69 E Ave public information folder  or the eXp Realty information page.