The Future of Real Estate Discusses INCOG

Junior Achievement– JA works with kids and teaches them the economics of life.  Volunteers teach a pre-written curriculum but are able to use examples from their life, financial and business experience.  JA teaches kids how to pay bills, read a utility meter, balance a checkbook, do an interview, run a business, how the stock market works and much more.  Many kids graduate high school without this basic knowledge.  JA helps prepare kids for the world they are about to enter.  For more information about Junior Achievement contact them at


What is INCOG?–  INCOG stands for Indian Nations Council of Governments.  INCOG is the regional planning agency.  INCOG’s primary function is to manage the regional transportation network- roads, bike trails, highways- and coordinate those among other areas.  INCOG does flood mapping, environment and energy planning, zoning and land use, among other things. INCOG works with guidelines when considering building proposals, zoning use, and other things.  INCOG looks at things that have already been in place and is checking current guidelines and other factors to help determine what is approved or not approved.  Sometimes, the full implications of a decision are not understood by the citizens. We encourage participation and questions.  The guidelines that INCOG uses does change over time. For more information visit INCOG‘s website. To contact Susan Miller directly with questions, contact her at


How do you handle concerns about development and zoning changes?  Please come to INCOG meetings and express your opinions and ideas.  Participate in the process.  INCOG does their work but doesn’t always know every concern or issue until those in the neighborhood come forward to share them.  When concerns are shared, that  information can help give new insight into the situation.    It’s important to talk about the physical impacts- noise and traffic for example- versus the impact it might have on your property value, which can’t always be predicted. For more information visit INCOG‘s website. To contact Susan Miller directly with questions, contact her at


Tulsa Real Estate For Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes-

6122 S Garnett Rd Tulsa- $1,100,000- about 14, 000 square feet, 5 retail space in front plus space in back for yourself.

3510 E 104th Place Tulsa- $325,000- Jenks Schools, 3 bedrooms, one level, two living, two dining, almost 1 acre.

E 171st Street Bixby-$1,120,000- land, about 36 acres, can be split, approved for commercial.

9415 E 140th Street Bixby-$245,000- Bixby Schools, about 2200 square feet, 5 bedrooms, pool, about 3/4 acre.

6718 S Atlanta Avenue Tulsa- $245,000- Southern Hills Area, Short Sale, one level, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, side entry garage.


The Future of Real Estate Discusses Homeowners Association Trouble at Closing

Avoiding Trouble with your Tulsa Homeowner’s Association at Closing–  Understanding what happens with your Tulsa HOA and how to navigate it is part of the process of closing your Tulsa home.  When you first decide to put your Tulsa house on the market. have the restrictive covenant made available up front.  That will make the process go a little more smoothly when a contract is accepted on your Tulsa home.  It will also make the covenants available immediately upon request from either agent.  Also make sure your HOA dues are paid in full and there are no past due payments. If they are not paid, they will be taken out of your proceeds at closing.   When you close you must get a clear HOA letter from your HOA.  If you or your Tulsa county abstracting company  can’t get a hold of someone, there might need to be an affidavit signed or they will have to track down the HOA management company to get the information or letter that is needed.  Make sure you give your HOA plenty of notice of the sale or listing of your house so that you are not scrambling at the last minute to get the documents needed for closing.  For all your questions related to closing on your Tulsa home for sale or abstracts on your Tulsa home, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918- 496-9090 or


What to Do When Your Light Stays on When the Light Switch is Off– Have you ever turned your light switch off only to have the light bulb stay on?  In some situations, especially with an LED bulb, if there is any current coming through it will light the LED bulb even when the switch is turned off.  If you have a dimmer on that switch, it is possible the dimmer is not zeroing out when the light switch is turned off.  Likely, you can simply switch out the dimmer switch to one that is rated for LED bulbs.  Every electronic device in your Tulsa home is drawing power even when you have it off. If it is plugged in, it is drawing power.   There are special outlet plugs that shut down all electricity to the device when the device is powered off.  This can be helpful for certain devices that are not used as often but are still plugged in.


What is it That Gets You Caught on Unlicensed Work on Your Home?  If a Tulsa home isn’t going to be your forever home, be especially cautious.  Many homeowners think they will save money by doing the work themselves or by hiring someone unlicensed.  The problem occurs when the Tulsa homeowner goes to sell the home and an inspector notices that the work was not done to code. Often, the work done initially, that saved the owner so much money, costs much more to repair later.  That is often much more than if a professional was paid to do the work to begin with.  Many of the problems we encounter are simple but will cost someone to fix because it wasn’t done properly.  It is important to have licensed professionals do the repairs because the buyer does not want to buy someone else’s problem.  The inspector is likely to find things that are not done to code and will report it.  The buyer doesn’t want to buy that problem so as the home seller, you will likely be paying to fix it in order to sell the home.  Also remember to check and find out if you need a permit before you do any work.  If you want the value of your home to be as high as it can be, either for you or for your family, use a licensed professional up front.  For all your Tulsa electrical needs, contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or


The Differences of VA Loans– When it comes to closing your Tulsa home, there are some differences.  You  must have a DD214 when getting a VA Loan.  With a VA loan you are not required to pay mortgage insurance, which is generally required when you don’t make a 20% downpayment.  The VA guarantees the loan and you can get 100% financing and zero downpayment.  There is some difference in the VA loan process however.  On the closing side, most of the time, the seller will pay for the termite inspection (roughly $100).  There are also some lender fees that show up in this type of loan.  The seller is required to pay certain fees that the Tulsa buyer is not allowed to pay.  The lender sets those fees.  Make sure you know what those fees are, since each lender has different fees at different rates.  As a seller, you may need to set limits about which lenders you will work with, if the fees are very high.  Most of the time the fees are pretty low, however always make sure that you check up front. It is important to choose a Tulsa lender that has reasonable fees and is committed to getting to closing.  For all your Tulsa mortgage needs, contact TTCU The Credit Union at 918-749-8828   or


 Tulsa Real Estate For Sale on Tulsa MLS

5101-5103 E 32nd Street Tulsa-$159,900- Duplex, 4 total bedrooms, 4 total bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms in each side. One side is currently vacant.

1004 S Willow Avenue Broken Arrow- $215,000- 3 car garage, Union Schools, over 2500 square feet, new paint inside, large rooms.

7201 W Edison Street Tulsa- $1,750,000- 55 acres, beautifully remodeled home, custom Kosher kitchen with 3 sub zero refrigerators, 24 stall barn, plus more.

6718 S Atlanta Avenue Tulsa-$245,000- Short sale, 4 bedrooms, 2 full 1 half bathrooms, great convenient neighborhood.

For all your Tulsa real estate needs, contact Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or for One Address, Thousands of Homes and the entire Tulsa MLS visit HomeGuideTulsa.

Tulsa Needs Your Help…

Mayor Bynum and former Mayor Kathy Taylor are requesting your help.  Feedback Tulsa Online Forum is a place where you can give feedback on issues affecting Tulsa.  Current open topics include: 2017 PLANiTulsa Progress, City of Tulsa Communications Survey, Demolitions of Building in Downtown Tulsa, and Optimize Downtown.  Please read the information below and if you need further information, visit


The Mayor and I would like your feedback regarding your experience with the City of Tulsa’s permit and development processes. Your  feedback is important to help us to continue to improve the City’s current processes. With your help, we can achieve the goal of opportunity and wellbeing in Tulsa – to increase census population growth and average per capita income, and make Tulsa a world-class city.


In order to participate, you will first need to register on our FeedbackTulsa online forum using the email address from which you are reading this message, if you have not already. To sign in or register, click on the “Sign In” button in the top menu bar of the forum.


Once you are registered and signed in, you will see the survey titled “Understanding and Improving Tulsa’s Development Process” here: If you prefer to remain anonymous, answer “No – do not show my name” at the top of the survey.” If you have any trouble registering or accessing the survey, please contact for support.  Responses will be compiled for the Mayor’s office upon closing the survey period on July 31, 2017.


Your participation is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to receiving your input to help the City make our processes transparent, efficient and customer friendly.


Best regards,


The Future of Real Estate Discusses Buyers FAQs

Junior Achievement– JA works with kids to teach them the economics of life.   They learn how businesses work, how to read a utility meter and pay the bill, how to balance a checkbook, how to perform an interview and how to interview, how the government runs, how the stock market works, and so much more.  JA volunteers teach a pre-written curriculum but are able to bring real world experience along with that curriculum.  For more information on Junior Achievement and how you can be a part, contact Junior Achievement at


Frequently Asked Question from Tulsa Home Buyers-

What is the most frustrating part of a home search?–  Everyone’s process is different, however, it is very frustrating when you find a Tulsa home and go to purchase and there is another offer already made.

What helps you feel comfortable with making such a quick decision?– For one buyer, after multiple homes were lost to him in the contract and offer stage, several things helped make him comfortable making the quick decision on a home.  One thing was having a realtor that he knew he trusted.  Another was that he also had to think through the emotional part of the decision and use his own logic to help with the decision.  Third, sometimes you need to ask yourself- Would I rather buy this house or buy the one down the street but have to negotiate?

How does the Tulsa market affect my purchase?  Every market is different and every price range and area of Tulsa real estate is different.  One price range and area may sell so quickly that you lose multiple homes while you are thinking about whether you want to write an offer.  In other price ranges and areas the homes may sit on the market for a very long time.  When you are buying you need good information and data and need to make a decision in the process that you will be happy with.

What is the first step I take when I want to buy a home?  Start with a relationship and the people you trust.  If you have a relationship with a lender or real estate agent and you trust them, start there.  Talk to someone who will listen to your circumstances and be able to direct you to the right person.  You can also talk to more than one agent or lender and determine from there which one you trust.

What documents do I need?–  If you talk with your realtor and lender together they can work together to get a pre-approval letter.  Sometimes one will have information that will impact the situation.  Go with a mortgage company that will give a good impression to the seller and will  have a pre-qualification letter that is reliable.  You will need to have tax paperwork, pay-stubs, bank statements and more documents when going to get your mortgage.  Ask your lender for a list to ensure you will have everything available you need.

In addition to the mortgage payment what other costs will there be? Tulsa buyers will pay fees that the lender approves- credit reporting fee, survey cost, abstracting fee and other fees.  You could be looking at $5500 in fees.  More than that and you are possibly getting more expense but may not be getting better service.  There are also some who charge much less but you may risk less service and have more problems.  You may also have inspections done and those are up to you as the buyer to pay for and choose which you want.

Which inspections should I have done?- The home inspections most recommended are EMP (electrical mechanical plumbing), Structural, and Termite inspections.  There are many types of inspections.  Depending on your home, its history and location you may want more or less inspections than the EMP, Structural and Termite inspections. Structural inspections can be important because the cost to have piers installed or repairs done can be very costly.

How much should you put down on the home? When considering this, remember that each type of loan has different requirements.  One thing to consider is Private Mortgage Insurance and Mortgage Insurance Premium.  Mortgage insurance can be a bit confusing and sometimes mortgage insurance can be required.  When you are putting money down on a loan, ask your lender what the requirements are for the loan you are seeking.  Ask if mortgage insurance will be required with a smaller deposit.  Ask what the cost for mortgage insurance will be.

For all your Tulsa Real Estate needs and questions, contact Darryl Baskin of The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Tulsa Abstract-What is the Deal with Surveys?–  There is a Mortgage Inspection Platt which is a report that shows any easement or building line that could encroach. It is really  more for the lender so that they know what they are getting into. It is not a stake and pin survey.  It is not a full survey.  This allows the lender to get title coverage. The survey is important to make sure that there is nothing that is affecting the property that will come up in the future, such as something on the neighbors property line. An ALTA survey is a survey that goes by the guidelines set forth by the American Land Title Association. For questions and needs regarding Tulsa Abstracts, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-587-6621 or


Tulsa OK area real estate for sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa

3909 Battle Creek Drive- $400,000- Gated community, side entry garage, therapeutic whirlpool tub, lots of extra features.

10653 South 68 East Avenue- $410,000- Forest Trails, large treed lot, palatial master bath, circle drive, side entry three car garage.