When Downsizing or Listing Your Home for Sale in Tulsa, Donate Used Furniture to “Making Room For You”

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When downsizing, or moving, you may have extra furniture which you no longer need. It’s still in great condition, yet it’s no longer serving a purpose for you. Make a difference by donating your items to Making Room For You in Tulsa. They will come to your home, remove your unwanted items for free, and donate them to families in need, in the Tulsa area.

Making Room For You is a non-profit organization made up of community members volunteering their time. Their purpose is to provide much needed furniture to families in need. Many of the families they work with are in the process of moving into a new home or apartment, such as government housing. Often, they’re transitioning from a traumatic event, such as domestic abuse or a fire. Receiving a bed, or dresser for their child during an overwhelming time, offers them hope.

Typically, DHS, or a church, will reach out to Making Room For You with a request of what’s needed. The organization may not have the exact items they’re looking for, but they will help them none the less. Making Room For You doesn’t turn anyone down. They don’t have a warehouse, so their goal is to get items which are donated into people’s hands the same week.

Many of the donations are from people who are moving or preparing to list their home for sale in the Tulsa area. When preparing to stage a home, or downsizing, home sellers have extra furniture which needs to be removed. The process can be overwhelming, but Making Room For You will remove it, for free, reducing stress for home sellers and helping families in need.

If you have furniture items you would like to donate, reach out to Ron Hood at makingroomforyou.org or at (918) 830-5017. Ron runs this organization while working full time as an insurance agent. He specializes in working with people sixty-five and older, assisting with health and life insurance.

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Buying a House in Tulsa: How to Make an Offer on the Highest Priced Home in the Neighborhood

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You found the perfect house. It has everything you’re looking for and you’ve fallen in love. Your real estate agent does comps for you and you learn it’s the highest priced house in the neighborhood. What kind of offer do you make? Is it okay to own the highest priced house in the area?

You may be tempted to submit a very low offer, which may insult the seller. Take some time to evaluate if the house justifies being the highest priced. Do the features, location, and amenities make it worth it? Perhaps it has an extra bathroom, or an addition that the neighboring houses don’t have. You can also do a radius search to compare surrounding homes.

You’ll then have to determine which factors are most important to you. Perhaps you have already looked at 30 houses and this is the only one that meets your needs. Which is more important you – that you have all the features you are looking for, or the price per square foot? Sometimes you have to narrow down what the point of your purchase is. What is your goal? You can pay a little more for a house with a pool, or pay to have a pool fit in. What is best for you?

Featured Properties:

  • 7957 South 78th East Ave in Sweetbriar – Great floorplan with 3 bedrooms downstairs plus theater and bedroom upstairs, game room with wet bar, detached office, kitchen with granite
  • 6708 S Atlanta Pl., Tulsa – 4 full-size bedroom’s, mother-in law suite, circle drive, new hardwood floor downstairs, and lots of closet space!
  • 8954 W 51st Street – 6 bedrooms, chef’s kitchen, master suite with 2-sided fireplace, outdoor kitchen, 5 acres of property!

For a complete list of active listings, visit Homeguidetulsa.com

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Commercial Property For Sale in Tulsa








6122 S Garnett Road, Tulsa

This 13,500 Sq. Ft. building has an available 7500 Sq. Ft. clear span space in the back, available for immediate occupancy. The property includes 5 front retail spaces on 1 year leases. Ideal for owner/user who wishes to have lease income! This space features 9’ ceilings, cable TV wiring, mini kitchen, security system-owned, smoke detector, and central AC.  Located in a commercial location at the high traffic intersection of 61st and Garnett, which is a convenient ½ mile from HWY 169. The concrete parking lot offers 82 spaces. Listed at $990,000

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TTCU Federal Credit Union in Tulsa Can Save You Money at Your Closing

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TTCU Federal Credit Union recently converted to a Federal Charter. With this change, TTCU now works with Federal regulators, as opposed to state regulators.

What does this mean for home buyers? It means being able to save more money when you buy a house. The amount of taxes home buyers pay on a transaction is now lower at TTCU. On every transaction in real estate, home buyers pay a transfer tax, equal to 1/10th of 1% of the sale price. For example, on a $150,000 home, the buyer pays about $150 in taxes. Under the new federal credit union charter, there is a standard fee of only $5.00. This is a significant cost savings for a home buyers!

In addition, TTCU Federal Credit Union offers great interest rates! The closing cost fee is a standard $649 with no extra charges. TTCU also opened Integrity Title and Closing Company last year, now offering integrated services. When a home buyer gets their home mortgage and title services through TTCU, they receive a savings on their interest rate.

TTCU is focused on finding the best financial solutions for their members. For more information, or to complete a loan application online, visit ttcu.com

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When Buying a Home in Tulsa, What Do You Need to Know on the “Electrical Side”?

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Buying your first home is very exciting! You’ve probably thought about furniture, paint colors, landscaping, and décor, but you also need to think of the “electrical stuff”. Steve from Murray Electric discusses what we need to know when it comes to the electrical aspects of your home. It’s less stressful when thinking of things beforehand and being prepared.

  1. Know where your water key is.

You need to know where your water meter key is located in case the water needs to be turned off. A water key is t-shaped, with a long handle, and an end that fits over the water valve. You may be wondering “what does my water key have to do with electricity”? Well, water and electricity don’t mix! If you are having an electrical emergency, you may need to turn off the water quickly.

  1. Know where your main shut off breaker is.

You may find the main shut off in the circuit breaker, labeled as “main”. In an older home, it may be outside, next to the meter can. If you need to turn off the power due to an emergency, the quickest method is to turn off the main circuit. Don’t waste time trying to find the individual breaker.

  1. Check circuit breaker labels; Update them if needed.

The easiest way to label your circuit breaker is to start with lights. Turn the lights on, and then turn off breaker switches until the lights turn off. Now you know which one it is. Outlets are a bit trickier. You can purchase an outlet tester, or have a second person plug in a lamp while you turn off the breaker switch. If your circuit breaker is already labeled, double check it because they are often labeled wrong. Also, if you are building a new home, don’t fill up the circuit breaker. There’s supposed to be four extra circuits in your breaker panel. If you need to, add a second panel. It’s better to add it during construction rather than doing so later on; as it can be very costly.

  1. Double tapping is not permitted.

Double tapping is when two wires are connected to a circuit breaker that’s designed for one. UL has tested the panel, and certified it, with all breakers installed- one wire per breaker. If a circuit breaker is double tapped, it’s a violation of UL’s testing. You can put in a junction box and a single wire in the breaker; this makes it legal so you aren’t violating UL testing. This is important information because it happens on inspections frequently. Double tapping will not meet code and will need to be fixed.

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