Volunteer as a Child Advocate with Tulsa CASA

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Tulsa CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a non-profit organization which trains volunteers to speak in the best interest of abused and neglected children in the court system. Their purpose is to ensure kids in high-risk situations are given advocates to speak out for them in hopes of achieving the best possible outcome.

The CASA volunteers represent children in the court system by getting to know their circumstances and speaking on their behalf in court. The volunteers may meet with the child’s teachers, family, DHS workers, and therapist, then offer their recommendation to the judge.

A CASA volunteer plays a significant role in the lives of these children. Often, these children are moved from home to home and the CASA volunteer may be the only consistent person speaking for them. The CASA volunteer will remain in contact with the child until their case is closed, and may be the only person the child feels they can trust during this process.

If you wish to make a difference in the life of a child, please reach out to Tulsa CASA at (918) 584-5740 and visit their website at tulsacasa.org.

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How to Hit a Home Run as a First Time Home Buyer in the Tulsa Area

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Buying a home is one of the best ways to build wealth and create stability. As you begin the process of buying a home, take time to sit down and interview agents. Look past the hype and excitement of buying a house and review the necessary facts.

One of the first steps to pursue when buying a home is to get your finances in order. Meet with a lender to get pre-approval and set a budget. This process will help you to know how much you have to work with, and establish realistic expectations from the beginning.

Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approval

When seeking your pre-approval letter, there’s a difference between “pre-approved” and “pre-qualified”.


The lender accepts your application, the information you give them, and they say “you qualify for this amount of money”. They may provide you with a letter which says you are pre-qualified. However, the pre-qualification doesn’t actually go through the steps to verify the information is correct. It’s not a pre-approval. The letter may say “subject to verification of assets, income, or employment”.


A pre-approval letter is a reliable letter which indicates the applicant has been through underwriting. The information has been verified, including income and assets. This letter assures the real estate agent and seller, that the lender qualifies for “this much” money. Therefore, if the lender submits a contract, you can rely on it, and that they are ready to proceed.

TTCU Federal Credit Union offers options which are great for first-time home buyers, including two conventional type loans which allow for no money down, however the buyer is responsible for closing costs. Keep in mind, down payments and closing costs are separate. The down payment is the amount being paid towards the home, while closing costs include all the “extras”, such as taxes, insurance, escrow, and lender fees. Additionally, TTCU Federal Credit Union will take 0.125 percent off your interest rate when you close with them; the loan must be a purchase transaction and close at Integrity Title and Closing. TTCU offers some of the lowest closing costs in Tulsa! Visit ttcu.com to fill out an application online, or get more information.

This stage of the home buying process isn’t glamorous or fun, but it is the foundation of your home search. It’s possible your dream home receives multiple offers. Having your pre-approval letter from a reliable lender may help your offer get accepted.

While buying your first home is exciting, there’s a potential for issues to arise along the way. It truly helps when you choose a Realtor® who is experienced and knows how to try and prevent these issues from arising.

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Featured Properties

  • 7957 S 78th East Ave. – Located in Sweetbriar. Wonderful layout with 3 bedrooms downstairs plus bedroom suite and theater upstairs. Semi-detached office w/outside entrance, outdoor living area. Great value! Listed at $225,000
  • 6708 S Atlanta Pl – Spacious home with 4500 SF; 2 bedrooms on first floor, 2 upstairs with possible 5th bedroom, formal living, dining, and family rooms. New hardwood floor and plenty of closet space! Office with separate entrance and Circle driveway. Listed at $294,000
  • 8954 W 51st Street – Well priced Grand Colonial home with beautiful entry! 9042 SF on 5 acres, 6 bedrooms, 6-full/2-half baths, chef’s kitchen, and 8-car garage. Listed at $999,999

For a complete list of active listings, visit homeguidetulsa.com.

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Inviting & Serene Country French 5 Bedroom Home in Broken Arrow

1013 S Cypress Ave., Broken Arrow, OK

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This warm and inviting Country French home features a 2-story entry, exceptional floor plan, open kitchen, fireplace, and downstairs master suite. The upstairs layout includes a central game room with 4 adjacent bedrooms. The yard includes a covered patio and porch with full privacy fence, located on a quiet cul-de-sac lot backing to park area. Listed at $279,900

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Tulsa Homeowner Tips: Testing and Replacing a Doorbell

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Are you considering replacing your doorbell? Whether you’re looking to update an outdated doorbell or replace a broken one, Steve from Murray Electric has helpful tips to guide you.

There are two basic types of doorbells:

Wired Doorbell

A wired doorbell is hard-wired into your home’s electrical system. A switch is located inside the button beside the door. The switch is connected to a terminal which is attached to a transformer. These units have wires connecting to the chiming unit. Typically, the transformer is in a separate location, such as the attic or basement. The benefit of having an electric doorbell is its reliability, as it doesn’t depend on a battery.

Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell connects the transmitter switch to the chime with radio waves. As a result, no wires are needed. Unlike the wired doorbell, this unit contains only a switch and transmitter unit inside the button. The receiver is placed inside the home. When the doorbell is pushed, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver; however, the receiver must be within range of the transmitter. Also, these units are typically battery-operated, and require a bit more maintenance. Some will emit a beeping sound when the battery is low, and several can be plugged into an outlet.

Additional features to consider when choosing a new doorbell are the type of chime, material, color, style, lights, size, and if you want a smart doorbell. Doorbell buttons are available in a variety of styles to match your décor. Smart doorbells function by connecting to your home’s internet. Many have small cameras that allow access via your smartphone, and have recording capabilities.

When your wired doorbell stops working, the cause may be the chime, transformer, button, or the wiring. There’s a way to test it yourself to help identify the issue.

Test the button:

Remove the doorbell button from the wall to expose and loosen the wires. Touch the ends of the two wires together. If you hear a chime, then you know it is the button which is broken. If there’s no chime, then the problem may be with the chime, transformer, or wiring.

Test the chime:

You will need an o-meter to test the wires. Start by taking the wires at the doorbell button, twist them together, and then go to where your chime is. There should be a set of wires which, when you put the leads of your o-meter on, will show a closed or short. If you have a short condition, the wires are good.

If you decide you would rather not do it yourself, call Steve at Murray Electric. He’ll let you know if you need a service call, or if it’s something simple you can do yourself. Also, when you call Murray Electric, you will always reach a licensed electrician to assist you!

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Spacious and Inviting 4BR Home in Beautiful Williamsburg Neighborhood, Tulsa!

6718 S Atlanta Ave, Tulsa, OK

This warm and inviting 4 bedroom Ranch style home is located in a beautiful Williamsburg neighborhood. Features include updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, large utility room, and enclosed sunroom off the master bedroom. The charming courtyard backyard offers a shaded patio, mature trees, and 10’ privacy fencing. Short Sale subject to lender approval. Listed at $240,000

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