Junior Achievement of Tulsa Needs Volunteers

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Junior Achievement (JA) of Tulsa, OK, is a rewarding community program worth becoming involved with.

It’s the time of year in which kids are back in school learning valuable information. However, at some point they will enter the real world. These young people will need to know how to balance a checkbook, pay their bills, elect officials, and how to pay taxes. The Junior Achievement program of Tulsa offers all of this, and more!

There can be a disconnection between what’s taught in the classroom and actual life skills. Students don’t always understand why they’re learning math, science, writing, and history. JA bridges this gap by connecting classroom experience to real life.

JA is in need of volunteers to teach and inspire young people to succeed in today’s economy. JA works with kindergarten through twelfth grade students; you choose which grade level you want to work with. As a volunteer, personal experience is applied with grade-level curriculum to teach the kids. Think of life lessons you learned in your teens and twenties, which you wish someone told you about earlier. These are valuable lessons kids need, and many of these kids don’t have their own role models.

For more information on volunteering with Junior Achievement Tulsa, visit www.jaok.org/

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Do Dimmer Switches Need to be Replaced?

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How long do dimmer switches last? If you have a light which stopped working, and it’s controlled with a dimmer switch, it may be time to replace the dimmer.

There are two types of dimmer switches; digital and the older rotary style. Dimmers are rated for 600 watt’s, 1000W, 2000W, and so on, with 600W being the standard. It’s important to know the amount of wattage you’ll be dimming. It’s not ideal to run your dimmer at maximum power, as it will cause the dimmer to fail.

When lights are dimmed, the excess energy is burned off as heat. As a result, the switch may feel warm; however it should never be too hot to touch. If you find the dimmer is hot, this may be a sign the dimmer is about to fail, or you have too much wattage and need to upgrade your dimmer.

Another important factor to consider when using dimmer switches are the type of light bulbs you’re using. Many dimmer lights do not function well with LED lights. If you have LED lights with a dimmer switch, the light will flicker. Most incandescent and halogen bulbs will work well with a dimmer. Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs can be used with a dimmer if they are labeled as “dimmable”.

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Does Stucco Siding Impact the Cost of Homeowner Insurance in Tulsa?

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Do you know what kind of siding is on your house? The type of siding can influence your homeowner insurance quote. People often apply for insurance online, or over the phone, and may forget to indicate if they have stucco siding. There’s a significant difference in the cost of siding materials. As a result, the cost can impact insurance quotes.

There are two possible outcomes when stucco isn’t listed on the initial insurance application. The underwriter may catch it, resulting in a significant increase in your quote. The second outcome may be that no one catches it. Then a few years later, a claim is submitted and the payout is less than what was expected and doesn’t cover the cost of repairs.

Stucco is a plaster type material which is applied over the wall. It’s a hard, durable surface which requires little maintenance over the years. An alternative to stucco is dryvit siding. Dryvit resembles stucco, however it’s a synthetic version of stucco and isn’t the same. There are benefits to using dryvit, but it’s not as hard of a surface as stucco. When dryvit siding is hit with something hard, such as a baseball or a tree branch, it will dent.

Bryan Smith of State Farm Insurance encourages people to meet with a local insurance agent to get the right information. The general rule in insurance is the harder the surface, the cheaper to insure. If you are building a new home, ask questions and know your options. One type of siding may cost more than another; however it may also lower your insurance rate and help with a re-sale in the future. If you are buying an existing home, make sure the insurance company knows what kind of siding you have.

Ask the right questions of your contractor and Realtor®. Know the materials your home is made of. If you are thinking about re-evaluating your insurance, contact Bryan Smith at State Farm (918) 481-7283

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Fab Lab Tulsa Brings Imagination to Life

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Do you have an invention in mind that you dream of creating? Do you have a child who would enjoy visiting a lab to create just about anything? The Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa is a community center offering access to advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication tools for learning, developing inventions, creating businesses, and making personalized products. Need a storage unit in your home, or a new business sign? You can head over to Fab Lab Tulsa to design and create it yourself!

Fab Lab Tulsa is one of over 700 MIT-chartered Fab Labs created as an educational outreach program for MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. The program began in the late 90’s, when MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld, noticed many of his students weren’t interested in building physical products. They were mostly captivated with the virtual world. As a result, professor Gershenfeld started a class “How to Make Almost Anything,” forcing students to apply their knowledge with digital fabrication equipment to build physical objects. Professor Gershenfeld then joined with Mel King, a local activist who ran a community center. At the time, this community center offered public access to computers and the internet. Professor Gershenfeld brought in digital fabrication equipment and gave local children access to this incredible technology. This became the first “Fab Lab”.

Fab Lab is now present in over 70 countries! “Fab Lab Tulsa is one of the top labs globally in terms of leadership, organization, support, size and capabilities, and an excellent example of the impact a Fab Lab can make on a community”. The 3,700 square-foot space includes a Computer Lab section with CAD/CAM software, conference area/classroom with presentation equipment, machine room including CNC machinery, power and hand tools, and so much more! The possibilities are endless! Fab Lab Tulsa is located at 710 S Lewis Ave., and they provide tours every Saturday at 3:00. The standard membership fee is $156 per year, which is only $13 per month!

These resources add a tremendous value to our community in Tulsa. Our city and real estate market depend on people buying homes and living here. We need to have resources available to encourage young people to live here, rather than moving elsewhere for opportunities. Tulsa is ranking high on the list of places where young people want to be for creativity, arts, manufacturing. Your support with community programs, such as Fab Lab Tulsa, helps our city to thrive. For more information on Fab Lab Tulsa, visit fablabtulsa.org.

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Fall Has Begun…Is it Too Late to List My Home for Sale in Tulsa, OK?

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Fall is a great time to list your home for sale in Tulsa!

It actually may be one of the best times to sell your house. One of the best strategies when flipping a house is to list in the fall.

There’s usually an influx of activity between September and November, with buyer activity picking up shortly after school is back in session. People have returned to a structured routine compared to summer, when people are traveling and busy.

The actual number of buyers may decline, but so does the number of houses for sale that you may be competing with. Those who are searching for a home in fall and winter tend to be serious buyers. They’re willing to make an offer sooner, and often want to be in their new home by Christmas.

Also, fall weather is perfect for searching for a home! The fall colors are appealing and add great curb appeal.

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Fall Image attribution: CCO Public Domain