Tulsa Real Estate, Agent Darryl Baskin

Step inside the Tulsa, OK real estate inner circle with real estate, investor, and radio and television host, and Tulsa real estate agent Darryl Baskin. Baskin has the privilege of entering many of Tulsa’s historic buildings, interviewing Tulsa’s business and political leaders, and advising many Tulsa homeowners.

You will find helpful Tulsa real estate investment tips and strategies which pertain specifically to Tulsa, OK. Unlike other major metropolitan markets and resort areas, Tulsa requires a unique strategy in order to see the best return for your real estate investment. Exploiting the qualities of Tulsa’s real estate market can be a way to build a strong real estate investment portfolio.

Through nearly 20 years of radio and television production of The Future of Real Estate, Baskin is uniquely aware of a multitude of perspectives of Green Country and the history behind Tulsa’s growth and development. Baskin is a graduate of Union High School in Tulsa and attended Oral Roberts University.

Since 1990, Darryl Baskin has been licensed and practicing as a Tulsa real estate agent and helped over 3000 families buy their dream homes and sell the houses to discover new opportunities elsewhere. Stay tuned weekly to learn what Tulsa real estate opportunities exist from Tulsa’s leading real estate group, The Baskin Real Estate Specialists.