Home Buyer Seminar

Learn the answers to the most important steps to buying a home. Whether a first time buyer or seasoned consumer, your will find refreshing answers and strategies in this presentation by Tulsa’s leading experts on home ownershio. In partnership with Karen Heston, Home Loan Expert from BOK Mortgage, The Baskin Real Estate Specialists expose insider’s tips for home buyers.

  • Meet with Your Lender
    Pre-qualified or Pre-approved
  • How is Your Credit? How Important Is It?
    What should you do OR not do regarding credit issues
  • Types of Loans
    Understanding the lowest rate is not always your best option
  • Choosing a Realtor
    How a Realtor works for you and protects your interest
  • Know the Sales Contract
    Familiarize yourself with the new state-wide purchase agreement and forms
  • Negotiating
    What you need to consider
  • Inspections
    Do we need them?
  • Closing
    What to expect

Gathering the right information before you begin your purchase will make the difference. Start with the right investment purpose and your family will enjoy the rewards for years to come.