Using a Realtor

Home Buyers: It doesn’t matter who your Realtor is –

1. Until it’s time to sell your home and you find out it has too many unattractive features for the price you paid.
2. Until the home inspector reports that the home you are buying has termites.
3. Until The roof inspector says the roof is older than the seller had stated.
4. Until the home seller takes the curtains and appliances you expected to stay with the house.
5. Until it is time to determine the price you will offer the home seller.
6. Until you find out the home your wife really wants and doesn’t want to lose is getting another offer from another home buyer.
7. Until your loan company tells you three days before closing that your interest rate will not be as low as they had told you when you applied for your loan.
8. Until you like three homes and can’t decide which one is the best investment for your needs.
9. Until you need to know that the agent you are working with is negotiating to get YOU the best price and not seller
10. Until the seller’s moving company rips the kitchen linoleum moving their refrigerator out of the kitchen.
11. Until the title company calls and says there is a cloud on the title.
12. Until closing has to be delayed because paperwork was not completed in time.

It doesn’t matter who your Realtor is until you need your Realtor to know what they’re doing. Then, it is important to have the most skilled professionals in the business.
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Stuff to Know

Fair Housing laws prevent Realtors and home sellers from discriminating when selling homes. It’s a good thing! Take a look at this video and you can see why.