Disaster Preparation

Natural Disasters And Family Planning – Are You Ready For This Weeks Winter Storm In The Greater Tulsa Area?

Natural Disasters of some type are prone to occur in every State in the United States.  Newcomers moving to a particular state along with current Resident’s must plan ahead and be aware of the most common disasters in their area and how to respond to them. In Oklahoma, residents are subjected to severe Flooding, Tornados, Thunderstorms, Lightning, High Winds, Hail, Winter Storms, Ice Storms, Grass Fires and even Earthquakes. Every family should have the tools and plans in place to make it on their own until Local, State and Federal assistance can be provided.

Provided are some links to sites that will assist newcomers to Oklahoma and current residents to prepare for these natural disasters and other emergency situations: 

1. www.tulsapartners.orgGreat Tulsa Organization that has developed a comprehensive Family Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Their Mission is to create a disaster-resistant community and improve Tulsans’ safety and well-being by reducing deaths, injuries, property damage, environmental and other losses from natural or technological hazards.

They work with Public and Private Partners to accomplish their mission in a manner that advances community goals, enhances Tulsans’ quality of life, and creates a more livable, viable, and sustainable community.”

2. www.mcready.org Family and Individual Disaster Preparedness Guide –

This guide has been specifically designed to assist Oklahoman’s in developing an emergency plan, assemble a disaster supply kit and assist you in learning basic information about what to do before, during and after any type of emergency or disaster situation. It even provides basic concepts about protecting your personal or corporate business. Further, it is a good source for connecting you to more detailed Web sites for Disaster Preparedness, Terrorist Attack and other Emergency situations.

3. www.oge.com – Covers Power Outage Mapping systems in Oklahoma and provides you an estimate of time it will take to restore power, live weather radar and more.  OGE sponsored weather line, (405) 478-3377. Provides up-to-the minute time, temperatures and weather forecasts 24/7 as well as delivering exclusive safety and convenience messages.

4. www.oem.ok.govOklahoma Department of Emergency Management

Public informational resources related to emergency management programs and services.

5. www.ready.gov – Homeland Security – Provides detailed information on Disaster Preparedness, Terrorist Attack and other types of emergencies.  Has a great chart on developing a family communications plan and information about protecting your pets and personal business.

6. www.fema.gov – FEMA Flood Planning, Disaster Planning and Recovery.