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When my friend and fellow Realtor, Alice Held of ReMax Fine Properties, sent me this email, I was impressed with its user-friendly information and value.  Take a look here for great tax information and remember Alice Held when you are looking for homes for sale in the Scottsdale, Arizona area.

Tax tips from the net can help make filing easier!

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The lovable folks at the IRS have created The Digital Daily, a comprehensive and catchy site that includes plenty of tax information and advice, with even a handy address list of where you should file – just in case you’ve recently moved, or just forgotten.

The hundreds of websites won’t take the sting out of signing that check over to the IRS, but they can at least give you tips on how to reduce your tax burden, list common tax errors to avoid, and places on the web to pose tax questions.

Watch as the Tax Prophet deciphers the Internal Revenue Code for the U.S. and foreign taxpayers and professionals alike. . Forms and more forms are here

Most taxophobes will find helpful information in Roger A. Kahan’s tax column. And for analysis, Tax Analysts can’t be beat.

Time to fill out oodles of forms and schedules–or is it? With your PC and an Internet connection, you can save loads of time, and possibly cash, preparing your tax return. Bankrate’s Tax Guide and the Marketwatch Tax Preparation Guide will help.

CNet’s Tax Guide has some more helpful hints and some tech tips as well.

The net doesn’t stop at federal tax information. If you’re looking for state tax information, the Tax Sites Directory is an excellent resource.

If you’re out-of-state, hunting for Arizona forms to satisfy the IRS doesn’t have to be taxing. The Arizona Department of Revenue‘s website and the Mesa Library have a variety of state and federal tax forms available for printing.

Need forms for another state or your state? Click on any state to access directly download the tax forms on the States Tax Forms website.

Who isn’t confused? It’s no wonder mere citizens are in the dark. Even the pros get bewildered. At Tax Hawk select “tax tips” to access a list of the top 10 tax tips and more.

Microsoft offers this tax workshop site. There’s editorial on every conceivable tax topic and tons of other resources, like how to file for an extension or what to do if you can’t pay.

For those looking for tax tips from a well-known source, the venerable H&R Block chain of tax preparers also has a virtual tax office, where you can find a local office and loads of free advice.

And for those who have used the 1031 tax-deferred exchange and have some questions, visit the Field Guide to 1031 Exchanges Any other questions, please email me.

Tax World offers the art of discovery, the language of taxes, tax advocates, and a plethora of useful information. And for Tax Preparation Tips, MSN Money has a list of resources.

For helpful online good advice and tips, state addresses and state links, check out

TaxWeb is a consumer-oriented source for federal, state and local tax-related developments and provides you with the latest Federal and State news and developments.

Smart Money’s Tax Guide features a tool that will help you calculate your taxes on Stock and Mutual Fund sales and what to do if you’ve lost your statements. It also features tax basics, insights, advice, resources and worksheets.