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 Free Mortgage Calculator

Loan Calculator Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage CalculatorLoan Calculator
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Determining the best mortgage starts with analyzing the financial benefits of loan products and matching them to your budget. Yes, loans are products you would purchase just like any other product on a shelf. You should compare the features and benefits of those products. You are purchasing a money “product” and there will be benefits and costs associated with it.

First, you should always compare loans using a “Good Faith Estimate” provided by a lender. This is a government form which will help you make a better apples-to-apples comparison as you shop.

Second, pay attention to the actual closing costs. Some lenders are notorious for “junk fees” that add substantial costs to your Tulsa home purchase. You may pay extra fees to get other concessions but often, those concession are not worth the added expense. A little shopping will help you save hundreds of dollars and probably thousands. Remember, the loan you get will add up. Saving $20 on your monthly payment means $240 per year and $7200 on the entire loan.

Last, pay close attention to your final loan balance at the time of closing. Many home loan products tout low monthly house payments but they pack the junk fees and “seller-paid closing costs” that get you in for very little money BUT you loan will be significantly higher than other loan packages. It is a common home loan trick that seems to save you money but costs you dearly in the long run. You find out how much money you really paid when you sell you house years later and your home loan balance in sky high!

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