FAQ for home sellers

How long should I expect my home to be on the market?
The most common answer to this question is the average number of days homes are on the market according to the Tulsa MLS. But wait! There’s more! The Tulsa MLS only reports this number by single listing entries and not by cumulative listing time. This makes the Tulsa MLS number useless to answer this question. What you should expect is to see activity on your home that produces or at least indicates a contract could be in your future within 30 days. Most listing contracts with Realtors are for 6 months.

Is it OK to leave an allowance for carpet and paint?
Most home sellers don’t want to go to the effort and expense to paint and carpet before placing their homes on the market. Buyers don’t want the hassle and the expense either. Here’s your rule… Buyers see what they see, not what it can be. Buyers are more likely to accept updated neutral colors and make a good offer than they are to dream about taking on your project and paying you a fair price. There are some exceptions to this rule. Contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists for a personal property review. No cost or obligation, of course.

Should I buy a new house before I sell my current home?
This depends on your financial ability but always remember that there is more than financial ability to consider before you charge ahead. What is your tolerance for headaches? Owning a second home makes you one of two things, a landlord or a property manager… sometimes both. Regardless of your expectations, Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This will leave you in a commanding position and help you avoid a financial mess.

Will a discount broker be the best choice?
It depends whether your goal is to list your house or to sell it. Discount means the same service for less. “Reduced service” is a more accurate term for low-end brokers. Employing a Realtor is similar to attorneys and doctors. Hiring a cheap attorney who loses your case in court or allow a doctor to perform his first brain surgery on you is a foolish decision. If selling your property is the primary goal, you should have an experienced, equipped and qualified professional on your job.

Should I hold open houses or expect them of my agent?
Open houses are a great way for real estate agents to find buyers for other homes or to find other home sellers but they are ineffective at selling the house held open. The reason for this is that tire kickers who are looking for decorating ideas or just want to see what their home might be worth are the people who attend open houses. Serious home buyers (ready to buy now and qualified to purchase) are working with a Realtor and want to see a home whether it is an open house or not. In other words, your carpet will get dirty from casual lookers when the real buyers are going to set an appointment. The statistics will back this opinion. Often, Realtors will push the idea of open houses because they don’t have the resources for a real marketing plan. It is easy to placate a home seller by holding an open house but the seller is usually unaware of the fact that their open house was not part of a real marketing plan. A common trick is to tell a home seller that “20 people came to the open house today!” (Never mind the attendees were only three groups – the next door neighbor with his wife and three kids, a local couple showing their out of town uncle and his eight fishing buddies what local houses look like, and four people who just left church and wanted to kill some time while lines for lunch went down.) Open houses won’t hurt unless you are concerned about safety or cleaning but you shouldn’t be lured into thinking they will sell your home by a Realtor who is desperate to get your listing.

How safe is it to have a keybox on my house?
The Tulsa MLS (called NORES) uses the SUPRA electronic keybox system (a division of GE). This keybox system requires Realtors to update their keys every day which allows the Tulsa MLS to disable anyone who violates rules or in the event of a stolen access key. Additionally, users must enter a code into their key each time they access a keybox so a stolen keybox key is useless without the personal security code. These safety features are important to us because we value safety of our home sellers and their families. These safeguards should not, however, overshadow the simple fact that strangers will be in your home and you should protect your valuables by securing them accordingly. Your values include your family so always instruct your family to practice caution. This will diminish the chances of any problems.

How much should I expect to negotiate?
While the average sale price is #5 less than the listed price on home sales in the Tulsa area, it is important to remember this is only an average. This means there are many home sellers who negotiate more and many who do not negotiate much at all. The real determining factor should be based on the demand for your property in the market. The Baskin Real Estate Specialists listing team has extensive training to help our home sellers determine how much they should negotiate. Many times this means we help our sellers hold firm to get a price they did not think they could attain.

Our children have lots of toys. Should we put them all away?
Yes. Keep toys away to avoid clutter, but home buyers understand that kids need their play time. Make sure you box and store excess toys. You will be moving them anyway so this will give you a head start. Keep toys organized in a single play area and your house will look picture-perfect for a magazine and ready to impress a house buyer.

What do we do with our pets while our home is for sale?
Pets are an important topic for many reasons. Safety of home shoppers, your pet’s safety, and distraction while showing. It is always best to take pets away from he house during showings whenever possible. Of course, this is not always possible so the next best option is to have them crated or outside. You should be cautious of how your pet may respond to strangers being in your home without you being present. Some home buyers are allergic to animals so removing your pet during a showing can increase the chances of a good match with a home buyer. We will cover each scenario and the showing options which will work best for your property so you can choose the most comfortable way for your home to be shown to accommodate your pets.

Can you tell us what we need to do to sell our house?
Yes. The reason I have specially trained associates is to strategically address issues like this for our home sellers. With the right guidance, you can realize more money for your home in a shorter amount of time than you might otherwise sell for. Just ask your listing specialist from my office for their input on any special concern you may have. We will also offer our suggestion for changes we think you should consider.

How long will it take to sell my house?
Every home and neighborhood will have a different market time so it is important you have a Realtor who is equipped with current information about the market in your specific area. We will run various reports and bring certain studies to help you see what time frames you can expect. The real time frame, though, will depend on getting expert advice on what the best decisions are to get you home sold quicker than the rest.

How is the housing market in Tulsa?
Always changing so be careful! Because Darryl Baskin produces two hours of real estate news programming each week, The Baskin Real Estate Specialists are armed with the information which makes negotiating a winning result possible. Whether a home buyer or a home seller in the Tulsa, OK area, you can expect The Baskin Real Estate Specialists to know the market facts that help you make better real estate decisions.

What is the procedure for showing our house?
Each of our home sellers has special needs. After all, it is their HOME they are selling. That is why we have multiple options to help our home sellers arrange the most convenient showing procedure for their schedules. Furthermore, The Baskin Real Estate Specialists have years of experience in getting homes sold, so they know how to advise you for the best procedure to get you to a home sale quickly.