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Home Sellers: How to Prepare for a home inspection and keep your sale together.

Each community or region has its own customs for inspecting property upon sale and a protocol for handling repairs. Tulsa, Oklahoma has a very broad interpretation of “Normal Working Order” which can leave sellers frustrated with nuisance repairs for minor items or cosmetic repairs which border remodeling. Selling your home and then having your buyer back out of the purchase is a disappointing and costly result which can often be avoided by simple preparation. Additionally, a home seller can be shocked to find out a repair done prior to negotiating a price with his buyer could have brought more money for his home. Follow these simple tips to reduce your chances of nightmare inspections:

  1. Replace leaking faucet washers.
  2. Fasten loose mechanical objects such as vibrating bathroom vents or light switch plates.
  3. Look into your under-slab ducts to check for rust or signs of water (A costly repair)
  4. Replace all burned out lightbulbs
  5. Vacuum your mechanical closets and wipe down furnace and hot water cabinets to show they are well-maintained
  6. Properly connect electrical devices by remove extension cords not to code which may be servicing a garage door opener or similar device
  7. Caulk all mortar and wood abutment with a clear caulk to prevent moisture infiltration
  8. Inspect brick for cracks – especially those cracks more the 1/4″ wide
  9. Consider hiring a professional inspector to uncover problems before you sell your home
  10. Take a moment to view your home with some common sense and make simple repairs before other see it