Preparing Your Home

Home Sale Preparation Videos
Get your Tulsa house ready to sell. View these helpful videos which make it easy to get your home ready for sale. These simple ideas will help your home be more appealing to home buyers, easier to pass inspection by home inspectors, and put more money on your bottom line. Darryl has gathered his experience from over 3000 home sales during his career for you to get prepared for a successful sale.

Home Sellers: Avoid a nightmare inspection and losing your buyer with these simple tips.

In order to present your property in its best possible light, it is important to make sure that every part of your property looks its absolute best. Because in the Tulsa area market there are a lot of properties to choose from, the one that shows the best is the one that will stand out from the rest. Therefore, it is important that every showing count the most! Please check the following items in your home against this checklist.


__ Trees and shrubs trimmed
__ Gardens edged
__ Planting beds edged and weeded
__ Lawn mowed, fertilized, and treated for weeds, if necessary
__ Gravel driveway edged and weeded with no bare spots or ruts
__ Dead limbs removed from trees
__ Flower beds planted/cleaned as appropriate for season and mulched


__ Check for peeling paint on house & decks
__ Functional light bulbs in all exterior lights
__ Remove items no longer used (i.e. doghouse, swing set, bikes, etc.)


__ Windows washed
__ Trim washed and/or painted as necessary
__ Floors polished, carpets cleaned
__ Kitchen cabinets cleaned
__ Closets organized and as empty as possible
__ Excess/unused furniture removed
__ Smoke and/or pet odors removed
__ Put family photo’s away to depersonalize the house
__ Arrange furniture to promote spaciousness
__ Match paint & touch up wall nicks
__ Bright brilliant colors may need to go
__ Clean out closets for a neat presentation
__ Remove seldom used appliances to another location
__ Wipe down woodwork with a light lemon furniture polish. It will make the room smell very clean.
__ If there too many toys, put away the ones not often played with.
__ Keep bathroom clean and toilet seats down
__ Dust and clean all the light fixtures


__ Lights operable and as bright as possible
__ Remove any unused excess items
__ Rearrange and neatly store items
__ Vacuum and/or dust water heater/furnace/boiler & surrounding pipes
__ Sweep or clean bulkhead/stairway area
__ Paint floor (if appropriate)
__ Dehumidifier working (if being used); no visible standing water


__ Make sure lights are operable
__ Floor swept (use a leaf blower to clean garge)
__ Window sills & windows vacuumed and/or dusted
__ Degrease floor if necessary
__ Vacuum and/or dust inside garage door
__ Remove any excess/unused items