Smoke and Guns V MMA Event in Tulsa Supports OK Special Olympics and Firefighters Burn Camp

Tulsa, OK BOK Center:  Firefighters and Policeman face off in Smoke and Guns, the ultimate MMA event, raising money for Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp and Special Olympics of Oklahoma.  Watch America’s finest compete for the coveted title in the nation’s only charity MMA event between the two.

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All About Real Estate Appraisals

If you have ever wondered why real estate appraisers don’t give credit for square footage in certain areas, what they can and can’t give value to, how values are calculated, what happens when real estate prices are improving or declining?  Listen to these appraisal experts as they explain the latest rules and how they affect home buyers and sellers.

This presentation took place at the Home Builder’s Association of Metro Tulsa and was sponsored by Gateway Mortgage. stream made possible by Gateway Mortgage andThe Baskin Real Estate Specialists at eXp Realty.

How Earnest Are You to Buy a Tulsa OK Home?

Darryl & Stan discuss earnest deposits and how they can help Tulsa OK home buyers as a negotiation tool.

There are some misconceptions about earnest deposits that are worth clearing up. As a Tulsa home buyer, an earnest deposit can be a powerful bargaining chip, especially in a multi-bid situation. Often home buyers are concerned about losing their earnest deposit should a sale fall through. While this is possible, the chances are greater a home buyer will retain the money put down, unless they simply change their mind without cause.

In the Tulsa real estate market, once an offer is made, there is a 10-day period to get an inspection completed. During this time, a buyer can also walk away from an offer without losing their earnest deposit; they need only provided a reason. What the reason could be is very broadly defined; adding is a good measure of security for home buyers.

So how can an earnest deposit be a good negotiation tool for home buyers? The greater your deposit, the more serious you are, or the more Earnest you are in acquiring a property. For a home seller, this is a valuable way to know if they are dealing with a buyer who not only wants the house, but is ready to buy it. Having significant earnest deposit can even help a lower offer trump a higher bid.

As a home buyer, when you put down an earnest deposit, the funds go towards your purchase of the home. Essentially, you are establishing a down payment before the closing to help secure your offer on a property. A good starting point for an earnest deposit is $1,000, but a greater amount will give Green Region home buyers a better advantage. If two buyers make an offer on the same house, the seller is more likely to go with the one with a greater earnest deposit; a $5,000 deposit shows more earnest than one for just $500, for example. 

Earnest deposits can be a powerful negotiation tool for Tulsa home buyers. Whether you choose me to be your Realtor® or not, my goal is to help educate the community and my clients towards achieving their home dreams  For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Junior Achievement in Tulsa OK: The Bridge to Positive Life Experiences

Special Guest Erica Irvine, joined Darryl in our latest show to highlight the positive impacts which JA brings to our community

We’ve shared information about the Tulsa, OK chapter of Junior Achievement (JA) on The Future of Real Estate before, and they are worth mentioning again. Our special guest this week, Erica Irvine of JA helped shed some light on the social and economic impacts this amazing organization brings to our community.

The focus for JA is under-privileged students. Their various programs are designed to help kids starting as young as kindergarten, on up through high school, gain beneficial knowledge and experiences which can help them chart a fulfilling course into adulthood. By starting at a young age with the basics of understanding money, how it works and why we need it, JA volunteers foster a direct connection with community adults outside their realm of school and family.

Older students are given life-experience opportunities to put their own knowledge to work and guide them towards future career possibilities which can be achieved by anyone, provided they have a bit of support and solid education. Throughout their school career, Tulsa students also receive positive, real-life teaching which reinforces what our school curriculum aims to provide, a win-win for all students regardless of their background.

The overriding impact of Junior Achievement in Tulsa can be felt community-wide and will continue to have far reaching results as students grow. JA is the bridge between connecting the business world with our schools, and helping kids understand there is a reason education is important. JA also encourages business and companies to volunteer their time, creating a sense of personal accomplishment which can increase the overall morale within a company through their support of such an incredible program, and by providing their employees with a real opportunity to make a difference.

The students who experience programs such as JA BizTown are given the opportunity to understand what it’s like to earn an income in their own right, finding a stronger sense of self-worth where before there may have been none. Many of our kids are lacking personal positive role models to help guide them towards positive life choices, through JA, not only are these role models making a difference, they are also showing these kids what really is possible when it comes to creating a life they can be proud of.

Listen to the full discussion in detail on our March 24th Future of Real Estate episode and discover more about how Junior Achievement has a positive impact in our Tulsa OK Communities. You can also contact Erika Irvine directly to find out how you can help by emailing her at, or calling her at 918-660-2158. Find more information at their website as well For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Are You an Earnest Tulsa, OK Home Buyer?

A quick review of house a serious home buyer can prove their interest, with an earnest payment.

As a Tulsa home buyer, if you’re serious about a property you’ve found, you have a valuable tool at your disposal which can help get your offer accepted. I’m talking about an earnest payment. This is, in essence, is a deposit towards a home, and then some; an earnest payment shows how serious you are about purchasing a specific home.

Do you earnestly want the house you’ve made an offer on? Or are you just considering it in case there’s a possible bidding war? Would you mind walking away from $500 if a better house came along? Or is this the home you’ve been dreaming of in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow real estate market? You can show just how earnest you are in your offer with significant earnest payment; and the good news is, provided you do follow through and buy the home, it won’t cost you any extra.

With an earnest payment, a seller receives a measure of assurance that you will not simply change your mind and walk away. They’re taking a risk of losing potential money and time when they have their listing off-market once an offer is made. If a buyer isn’t serious and no earnest payment is made, these losses can add up for a home seller. With a sizable earnest payment included from a home buyer, a home seller is more likely to accept an offer knowing there’s a measure of protection for them.

As a home buyer an earnest payment can also protect you. These payments are made to go towards the final purchase price. If a home seller doesn’t follow through on their part of the offer agreement, you can recall your earnest payment and walk away. This type of situation is contingent on specific criteria not being met; which leads towards the importance of educating yourself in the residential real estate process and working with a Realtor® whom you trust to guide you throughout.

When you’re ready to start the conversation about your needs as a Tulsa home buyer or seller, our goal isn’t just to show you how much we know, but to ensure you know how much we care. Real estate around the Tulsa region including Bixby, Broken Arrow, Collinsville and Glenpool areas is in demand. As a home buyer or seller, you deserve the support of a local, experienced real estate team.  For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


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