The Future of Real Estate Discusses Electrical Issues and Home Inspections

Court Appointed Special Advocates– CASA volunteers work with kids that have been removed from the home due to allegations of abuse or neglect.  CASA Volunteers talk with the kids, foster parents, parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, attorneys, case workers and more.  They are able to gather information and give the judge valuable information so that they can make the best decision for the child. Judges often have limited time and information simply based on a stack of papers.  CASA volunteers bring information and a perspective that the judge may not get otherwise.  For more information about Court Appointed Special Advocates, contact them at


Tulsa Home Inspections and Electrical Issues–  Things a licensed home inspector is supposed to look at…  First, his purpose is to make sure everything is working in the home.  Is there anything that’s unsafe?  The home inspector is not a licensed electrician but they have knowledge that will help them look for problem areas.  If something is mentioned on a home inspection, don’t get upset.  Call your Tulsa electrician for an inspection on the possible electrical problem areas.  The inspector will examine the service drop to make sure its safe.  He will make sure there is adequate service for the space.  He will check to make sure there are no double taps (only 1 wire per breaker)- which could cause overloading or indicate improper installation.

Fuse boxes were in use up until mid to late 50’s when circuit breakers came about.  Circuit breakers came about because fuses were limited. Circuit breaker boxes could be expanded and added too.  Lately a lot of insurance companies will refuse to write a policy for a home with fuse boxes. The cost to replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker is dependent on several things, including where the fuse box is located. The average cost to replace a fuse box begins at about $500.   For questions and service for Tulsa electrical needs, contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or


What should I do with my pets during showing?– Pets present a liability issue and what to do depends on the pet.  If your dog bites or runs out the door, you have a liability and you can’t expect buyers and agents to keep the pet inside.  If your pet can be put in a crate or a certain room with a doggie gate, doesn’t run out the door, doesn’t bite, then it is usually ok for them to be present.  Be mindful of the stress that some animals go through during the sales process however. They may not normally bite but having strangers coming in and out may cause them to bite.  Remember they act differently when you are not present.  The best is to take them with you or crate them. Not everyone is a pet person, so a pet being present may just turn them off and they may not look at your home.  Also, removing pet dishes and any other items that may keep someone from looking can be very helpful to increase showings.  Remove pet dishes and make sure there is no odor or pet stains and hair.


Do I set my alarm or leave it off when there is a showing?–  This really is difficult to say.  Tulsa home buyers and agents may not be able to turn it off or may forget to turn it on when they leave.  With todays technology, if you can leave it on to ensure security for your Tulsa area home but are able to turn it off and on via your cell phone, that is ideal.  You could also create a code specifically to be used for agents during a showi Play it by ear.  Be flexible and make it as simple as possible.


How much value does my pool add to my Tulsa house?  It adds some value depending on where you are and how many other around you have a pool.  You may get about 1/3 of the value of a pool, but even that is not a specific amount.  There are so many variables in this, that discussing it with your Tulsa Realtor is one of the best ways to help determine the value of your home.   For more information about the value of your Tulsa home, contact Diana Smith of eXp Realty at 918-902-1089 or Darryl Baskin at 918-732-9732 or



Tulsa Real Estate for Sale

One Address, Thousands of HomesHome Guide Tulsa

Soon on the market-  55 acres, horse ranch, West Tulsa, $1,750,000.

8954 W 51st Street Tulsa- $999,999- over 9000 square feet, 5 acres, pond, circle drive, 8 car garage, plus more.

3510 E 104th Place Tulsa- $395,000- one level home in Jenks Schools, approximately 3/4 acre treed lot.

14994 N 147th East Avenue Collinsville- $399,900- mother-in-law suite, 2 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms downstairs, backs to greenbelt.

8307 E 63rd Court Tulsa- $95,000- Union Schools, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, needs structural repair (already have bids), 1933 square feet.

For all your Tulsa area real estate needs, contact Darryl Baskin and the Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

The Future of Real Estate Discusses Your Realtor Their Role and Their Identity

Your Realtor- Role Versus Identity– As people we have an identity.  We often hire real estate agents because we are friends or relatives, or because of our or their identity.  When making that decision we choose them because we like them or we get along. Your choice in a realtor needs to be based on a role that they serve for you.  Your agent should have a good understanding of what their role is.  Managing the process, dealing with the conflict, the stress that goes along with it, dealing with people and their reactions and emotions along the way are all part of the Realtors role.  People want to trust someone but don’t want to be taken advantage of.  When you are hiring someone, don’t hire them for the identity or the relationship you have.  Hire them for the role they are playing.  Sometimes they have to be bold and be able to tell you the truth you may not want to hear.  Getting you to the closing table requires that separation- when to be the nice guy and when to be plain spoken and handle things.  The agents experience is often part of that.  Remember the Realtor is not writing the check.  You need to hire a realtor that you will allow to be honest and upfront with you. Also, as a seller or buyer, don’t be so bullheaded that your Realtor can’t be honest with you.  This is a two way street- your realtor needs to give you the facts and know the best strategy to get you to the closing table. You need to be able to hear the truth and the facts.  For all your Tulsa real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists at 918-732-9732 or


Aluminum Wiring in Your Tulsa Home–  Houses that were built around the mid 70’s  used aluminum wire.  Copper was in shortage and aluminum wiring was popular.  When you replace your switch or your outlet you need to make sure it is rated for aluminum wiring.  Often if you put a copper rated switch with an aluminum wire, this can cause arcing due to the different metals coming in contact.  The building code in the 70’s did require aluminum rated switches however people are not often aware of how to take care of aluminum wiring.  If you have silver colored wiring in your home- make sure it is being attached to something rated for aluminum.  Now also remember that in the 50’s they used copper wire that was coated in tin so it also looked silver.  Aluminum is a soft metal and doesn’t take the abuse that copper can take but is a good conductor of electricity. Aluminum wiring doesn’t always need to be replaced.  Contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or  for more information or to find out more about the wiring in your Tulsa home.


Tulsa Real Estate Market Statistics

Average list price from April 2016 to April 2017-    $176,000 (April 2016) to $182,000 (April 2017), Closings are down from last year but Pending is up from last year. 1517 pending now that have not yet closed. Average closed each month is 1197.  5423 active listings. Average months supply of inventory is 4.5 months.  That means there are fewer homes available as a buyer but fewer to compete with as a seller.


Tulsa OK Residential Real Estate for Sale

One Address, Thousands of HomesHome Guide Tulsa

1510 Lakeside Ridge Drive Sand Springs- $435,000- Close to downtown Tulsa, beautiful wooded private lot, 4 bedrooms, 4 full 1 half bathrooms

3909 N Battle Creek Drive Broken Arrow-$400,000- 4 bedrooms (2 upstairs, 2 downstairs), 3 full 1 half bathrooms, in great condition, side entry garage

630 Meadowood Drive Broken Arrow-$163,500- on Indian Springs Golf Course, had some updates and livable but needs some updates

3131 S 69th East Avenue Tulsa- $129,000-  pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

For all your Tulsa area real estate needs, contact Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

The Future of Real Estate Discusses Electrical Issues That Increase Insurance Costs

What Electric Issues Will Cost Me More Money on My Tulsa Homeowners Insurance Policy?  Insurance Companies have recognized that they can build into their rates based on certain improvements or lack of certain improvements.  Insurance companies have noticed that certain things have added risk to them, therefore the cost to insure is increased.  When getting insurance quotes, especially on older Tulsa area homes, keep that in mind.  For example, some companies will not write a policy for a home with knob and tube wiring.  Other companies will write those policies and have built the risks into the rates.  There are times when it will save you money to pay for electrical repair on your Tulsa area home up front, versus paying extra each year for your insurance.  This question really can only be answered correctly by your Tulsa insurance agent and your Tulsa Electrician.  In some cases it is cheaper in the long run to pay for the Tulsa electrical repairs and updates instead of paying more in your insurance policy due to the extra risk. For example knob and tube wiring, pig-tailing the wiring in your home, and many other issues can increase the cost of your policy due to risk. It may be cheaper in the long run to pay for the repairs needed on those items instead of paying the higher insurance premiums. For questions on your Tulsa homeowners insurance policy contact Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or For all your Tulsa electrical repairs contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or


QUICK TIP– Did you know that leaving old tires, paint cans, old unusable non-working bikes and cars lying around your home can detract from the value?  If you have old items that need to be disposed of talk to your local city office and find out when and where you can dispose of them.  Many cities have annual chemical dumps where you can dispose of old chemicals, unused paint, and other items that can’t or shouldn’t be disposed of in the trash.


Tulsa Title Insurance– In order to issue a title insurance policy on your Tulsa area home, there must be certain things completed first.  All payments, releases, and documentation for those things must be given to your title company in order to ensure that everything is in order before the title insurance can be issued.  Working with a good experienced title and closing company can help you avoid many problems that can occur before closing, or even years later. Talk to your Tulsa area title and closing company about what requirements are needed.  For all your Tulsa area title, abstract and closing needs, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-496-9090 or 918-587-6621 or


What must be done to ensure you have updated plumbing?  Updated plumbing depends on the age of the Tulsa house.  Insurance companies look at where the greatest cause of failure would occur- toilet supply lines, hot water heaters, etc. Of course updating fixtures, toilets and other visible features is great, there are also things that are not necessarily visible but can lead to major damage.   Insurance Companies use a system called CLUE to see what claims have occurred in the home over the years.  This helps them determine how many claims have occurred over the years and gives them a clue about what issues may arise.  For all your Tulsa homeowners insurance needs, contact Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or


Tulsa Area Real Estate For Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa

3909 Battle Creek Drive- well maintained custom built home with all the extras, heated whirlpool tub, gated community.

For all your Tulsa area real estate needs, contact Darryl of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

The Future of Real Estate Discusses FAQs for Tulsa Home Sellers

Tulsa CASA– Court Appointed Special Advocates speak up for children in court.  Children who have been removed from their home due to allegations of abuse or neglect. Appointed volunteers in Tulsa work with teachers, foster parents, therapists, doctors, children, parents and caseworkers. They gather information and talk with those involved and are able to give a valuable opinion to the judge.  For more information on Court Appointed Special Advocates, contact them at

Junior Achievement–  Junior Achievement helps teach kids financial literacy.  Volunteers teach a pre-written curriculum but are able to use their real world experience.  Kids learn how to run a business, how the economy works, how to pay bills, how to balance a checkbook and much more.  For more information on Junior Achievement, visit their webpage at

A Short Sale is a sale in which the owner owes more on the property than they will be able to pay back.  Basically a short sale occurs instead of foreclosure.  The bank will often agree to allow the home to be sold at a loss, instead of paying the increased insurance fees, attorneys fees and other expenses that they will occur with a foreclosure. If you feel like you are underwater on your home and you are unable to sell it, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists at 918-397-5564 for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions for Tulsa Home Sellers

How long does it take to get my Tulsa home on them market once I sign a listing with you?  Technically, we could have it on the market within about an hour but is generally within about 48 hours.  I also recommend that we start planning ahead.  You can interview us and we can interview you. We want to make sure we are a good fit.    We want to learn about each other, discuss the marketing program and how to get your Tulsa area home ready to sell.  Then when these things are done, we can take pictures and get your home on the market.  It is not about how fast the sign goes up.  Think through the consequences of putting it up for sale quickly without a prepared home and good pictures.  Take a little longer to prepare before you rush into listing your home.

What does the sign “coming soon” mean?  – When you see the sign, “coming soon”,  these homes are not listed yet but are expected to be on the market soon.  These are often seen in an area that is very popular.  Sometimes Realtors can give you some basic information on the property and the sellers are simply waiting on some basic repairs before the home is listed.

What do I consider when it comes to Real Estate investment?–  A home is often considered your biggest investment but is also your biggest expense.  It can be better than renting but from an investment standpoint it might be better to have someone living on your home and paying you to live there.  Maintenance and other are covered but the cost of the rental.  Step back and apply it as a true investment but do realize that real estate investment is not easy.  There is lots of hard work involved.

How much negotiating room do I leave in the price?  Many Tulsa area home sellers will want to price high so that it will come down but that doesn’t always work.  The most showings often come right off the bat and pricing too high will reduce the number of buyers that will look and could keep some from making and offer. Leaving a small amount of room in the price can be okay in some circumstances.  I find though that it’s better to be at a lower price and get an offer (even if you lose  it or counter) than to be at a higher price and never get an offer at all. Know what you are willing to take, what you need to pay off your mortgage, why you are selling, etc? Also consider your holding cost.  Each month your home is on the market and you don’t sell it is costing you money, if you need to sell it.  From utilities, maintenance, mortgage, security system, and so on the costs keep coming.  Is it better to sell it now for a little less or spend all the money on holding costs and not know how much you will sell it for in the future? It’s also important to remember that the right agent is also very important.  Any agent can put a sign in your yard.  You need someone with experience, that you can trust and that you will be willing to hear the information they give you- good or bad.

How do you handle showings when you have an event planned at your home?–  Let buyers know whats going on but let them come look.  Do your best to accommodate them because some buyers are unable to come another time.


Protecting Your Online Data– You need multiple layers of protection with your online data!  One thing is to simply not send important information via email- such as a social security number.  To help protect yourself, keep all your passwords different.  Don’t use the same one on multiple sites.  Be cautious with emails because hackers will send an official looking email or even hack into the actual account and send an email.  Also, work with a company that uses encrypted email solutions or a secure portal or thread.  On a home level you can even set up many routers to filter some of your emails.  There are often many security features on newer router. For all your Tulsa Title and Abstract needs, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-496-9090 or



Tulsa Area Real Estate for Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa

6718 S Atlanta Avenue Tulsa- $245,000- one level, 2394 square feet, remodeled kitchen, patio, 4 bedrooms, 2 full 1 half bathrooms

5101-5103 E 32nd Street Tulsa- $159,900- Duplex, 2 bedrooms 2 bath on each side

For more information on Tulsa real estate, contact Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

The Future of Real Estate Discusses Staging Your Tulsa Home

YBT stands for Young Businessmen of Tulsa.  Young, old, female and male can all participate with YBT, although our demographic is geared towards young male businessmen.  We provide an opportunity to mentor men and help them along their journey of success.  We want men to balance their life with a healthy spiritual life and healthy relationships in addition to their successful business. We encourage men to step up and work on their leadership skills and use their business to help serve the community outside of their product or service.  To find out more about YBT, contact them at 


What’s Happening At Forest Ridge?– Forest Ridge is not just a golf club or a Broken Arrow subdivision.  It began in 1989 with the neighborhood Oaklane. Today there are 13 neighborhoods that comprise Forest Ridge.  New Construction is still going on. You can play golf, swim or play tennis at the club, although those that live in Forest Ridge get a discounted rate.  There is a nice span of homes in Forest Ridge from just under $200,000 and up. This is a great master planned community.  There are parks and a catch and release pond in a nice leisure setting.  They are not also not too far a drive to downtown Tulsa.  Interested in Forest Ridge?  Contact Deb Karstens of eXp Realty at or 918-261-6602.


What Are the Benefits of Staging Your Tulsa Home?– Tulsa area homes that are lived in sell faster than vacant homes.  When you stage your Tulsa area home properly there are many benefits including:

  • Selling your Tulsa area home faster since a lived in home generally sells faster.
  • Lowering some of your costs since those living in your home pay for utilities.
  • Being occupied, the insurance premium will often be much cheaper than a vacant home.

For more information on staging your Tulsa home for sale, contact Jean at 918-392-1960 or


Tulsa Abstract Problems–  When someone owns several different pieces of Tulsa property and they want to convey a piece of property to a trust there can sometimes be problems.  For example, they might have sold a property only to realize it years later when trying to place the property in a trust. This is not always that common but can happen when you or your family own many Tulsa area properties.  The chain of ownership of the property must be clean in order for the sale or transfer to go through.  If that chain is broken or clouded, the sale can be cancelled.  Un-platted land is what there are  more problems with when compared to platted land.  There are many reasons why problems occur. Remember someone else’s mistake can affect you. Taking care of these problems is what Tulsa area Abstract and Title companies do.  For all your Tulsa area abstract and title issues, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-587-6621 or


Tulsa Area Real Estate For Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa

8954 W 51st Street Tulsa-$999,999- 5 acres with amazing 9000+ square foot home, pool, outdoor kitchen, double curved staircase and more.

5101-5103 E 32nd Street Tulsa- $159,900- investment property subject to lease, 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplexes, mostly remodeled with fireplaces.

328 E 29th Street Tulsa-$315,000- Maple Ridge, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, over 1500 square feet, basement, garage, remodeled kitchen.

For all your Tulsa real estate needs, contact Darryl of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

The Future of Real Estate Discusses Midtown Tulsa



Forest Trails is a South Tulsa neighborhood that features quality Tulsa custom built homes built in the 80’s.  They also feature larger lots with mature trees.  If you are interested in properties in Forest Trails or anywhere in the Tulsa or surrounding areas, contact Tracy Jam  at  918-508-5247 or Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Midtown Tulsa Real Estate–  Midtown Tulsa is generally considered the area between Riverside and Yale and around 5th/11th to 41st Street.  Many are wanting to be back in the Midtown area. It is not just a geographic area it is really a way of life.  There are more parks, people are concerned about walk-ability,  they tend to frequent farmers markets and there are generally more locally owned businesses.  In addition to being close to Riverpark, Downtown Tulsa areas such as the Blue Dome and Brady Districts, Guthrie Green,  and Utica Square, there is a also a different mind set.  The homes generally  have more architectural interesting and are often historic as well. For more information on Midtown Tulsa Real Estate contact Lori Cain of eXp Realty at 918-852-5036 or


Oklahoma Abstracting Bill– Speaker of the House, Charles McCall, had constituents that were having trouble getting their Oklahoma abstracts because of the length of time it often takes to get done in rural counties. Sometimes it can take longer because the process to track back records to statehood (or even before) is very lengthy.  There is also the process of Quiet Title which requires notification.  Sometimes there are also Abstractors who are doing things improperly, such as requiring extra funds to get the abstract completed. This bill is intended to bring some transparency to the Oklahoma abstracting process and bring faster return times.     This bill will place requirements that will help prevent Abstractors from delaying the process unnecessarily. This bill has passed the Oklahoma House and will be voted on in the Senate soon. For more information on this bill or to contact your Oklahoma State Legislator visit


Tulsa Mortgage–  Interest rates have been all over the place lately.  With the new President, things have gone back and forth and mortgage rates have fluctuated.  This is not uncommon.  When you are getting a Tulsa mortgage, you need to work with someone who knows what they are talking about.  Let us work with you and discuss your short term and long term plans and goals.  There are many products and options that are available.  Let us help you find the right fit for your needs.  Contact TTCU The Credit Union at 918-749-8828 or


Tulsa Area Real Estate For Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- Home Guide Tulsa –  The entire Tulsa MLS at one address.

10653 S 68th East Avenue Tulsa-$410,000- 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, appx 4100 square feet (per appraiser), 1/2 acre lot

171 and Mingo- 35 acres in Bixby (find it at

8954 W 51 St  Tulsa- $999,999- 4+ acres, 6 bedrooms, over 9000 square feet (per appraiser)