Should You Consider Purchasing a Home in Surrounding Tulsa Cities?

Darryl talks with eXp Realtor® Jackie Stokes about Dewey and Bartlesville – two cities outside of Tulsa.

When house hunting, it’s important to think about your commute to work. Unless you work from home, or work only 2-3 days a week, it’s a pretty important factor to consider. However, it’s not only important to look at the mileage, but also the time it takes to travel. There are some areas in Tulsa where it takes a good amount of time to drive a few miles. It may take you the same amount of time traveling from Bartlesville to Tulsa as it does from a house that’s within Tulsa boundaries.

Bartlesville and Dewey are two cities outside of Tulsa that could prove to be a viable option for you. Bartlesville is about 15 miles North of Tulsa and 30 miles South of the Kansas line. If you’re working on the North side of Tulsa, your commute would be about 45 minutes. This isn’t too long of a commute, and Highway 75 is less congested.

What do these towns have to offer? Bartlesville and Dewey have more house to offer for the same amount of money that you’re looking to spend in Tulsa. There are beautiful homes available right on the lake. You’ll notice gas and groceries are cheaper. There’s also less crime, pollution, and traffic. The roads are always cleared during winter, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get to work.

These are small towns that operate at a slower pace, which means shorter wait times at the movies, and restaurants. You’ll get to know the people in the community, allowing you to feel a greater connection. Running into people you know makes for a fun, social environment. There’s also a 12-mile trail that winds through the city of Bartlesville for you to enjoy.

Jackie Stokes is a real estate agent that’s grown up in Dewey and has commuted to work in North Tulsa. Over the years the cities have seen growth, and there are a lot of new businesses in the area. If you’d like to discuss more about the real estate market in Bartlesville and Dewey, you can call/text Jackie Stokes at 918-337-9293, or email her at

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Junior Achievement Bridges the Gap for Tulsa, OK Students

Darryl speaks about one of his favorite places to volunteer–Junior Achievement, and how much they help the community and our future.

Communities thrive when businesses, individuals and organizations work together to support the various needs of the populace. One group, our children, need a range of different tools and resources throughout their school years to help them grow into confident, educated young adults, ready to create a life they want. When our kids understand how to take care of the daily business of life, and how they can achieve their own goals towards success, their futures are bright. Having a younger generation prepared for the real world with positive, successful tools-at-hand enhances the future of our community as well.

This is the overriding goal of Junior Achievement, OK. This organization is wholly dedicated to teaching children, from Kindergarten through high school, real-life skills which everyone needs to succeed in creating a happy and fulfilling life. Many kids in today’s world lack the one-on-one support of a personal role model to teach them how to manage their finances, or why certain decisions we make when young can significantly impact our lives when we are older. JAOK is a nurturing hub which provides these all-too-important role models and experiences to learn from.

So where do all these role models with JAOK come from? From the community, of course. This is one of my favorite places to volunteer; working with kids in the classroom is truly a rewarding experience. This month I get to head into the classroom again with a peer or two from eXp Realty. Most of JAOK’s volunteers come from the business community. When employers support their employees in volunteerism, a positive work culture is the result. When people with experience in a field volunteer with JAOK, the rewards are two-fold; the kids learn things they may not otherwise be taught, and the volunteers experience the gratification which comes from doing something good to help others.

JAOK is the organization which bridges the gap between our children and the business community, providing valuable opportunities to help kids face their future with confidence; and that’s a bright future for all of us. If you have been considering being a part of this great organization, now is a great time to get started. Contact Erika Irvine at JAOK to find out how you can help by emailing her at, or calling her at 918-660-2158. Find more information at their website as well For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

Improve Your Tulsa, OK Home with the Right Funding Solution

Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss funding options for homeowners to get home improvement project done.

One big advantage to owning a home in the Tulsa area is the ability to do what you want, to update and improve your property so you can enjoy it all the more. But then there comes the question, how do you pay for all that you want to do? One way to do this is to seek out additional funding through a loan. This is not for everyone, but as a Tulsa, OK homeowner, you have an incredible institution on your side which may be able to help.

I’m talking about TTCU, our local, community supportive credit union. As Dan Newberry pointed out on our latest episode of The Future of Real Estate is Now, having different funding options can help you meet your current housing needs. With TTCU not only can you get a home equity line of credit, but qualified members can also get up to $40,000 in a Home Improvement loan to then put towards whatever projects you want to work on.

A growing trend across communities from Tulsa to Jenks, Bixby and Broken Arrow, many homeowners are looking to add Mother-in-law units or suites to their homes. This is being done more often as more families are aiming to keep their elders home and to establish a multi-generational lifestyle, allowing for families to save some money and continue building long-lasting relationships and memories as grandparents get older.

Such a suite can also add great value to your home when the time does come to sell. Instead of being worried about how you are going to fund such a project, look to the support of the folks at TTCU; they can help you find a solution. Visit  and learn more about what options are available for home improvement funding. For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Featured Properties:

1554 S. Yorktown Pl. NEW LISTING! – $619,000, 5,700 Sq. Ft. Historic Home with many original architectural features throughout. 1930s Tudor Style.

1181 E. 131st Street – New Listing! – 16,000 Sq.Ft.; close to 55 acres, Courtyard, Pool, 4-car garage, $2,400,000. Check the eXp 3-d online tour of this incredible listing. Jinx/Bixby area. Flexible floor plan, 2 laundry rooms, 2 master bedrooms, library/game room/office-Full suite option on upper level.

752 Knobb Hill Dr,-Sand Springs-New Listing! $170,000, Split-level, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 acres with a lakeside view, wrap-around back porch, storm cellar, mother-in-law apartment.



Child Abuse Network-Advocates for the Children of Tulsa, OK

Special Guest Anna America from the Child Abuse Network highlights this important community resource for children of abuse.

 When a child suffers through an abusive situation, at home, at school or in the neighborhood, they often feel helpless and alone. There’s a local non-profit organization here in Tulsa which focuses on providing what children of abuse investigations need: intervention and support. The Child Abuse Network is host to a solid group of trained experts whose main goal is to help the kids who need it most.

Headquartered in Tulsa at the Child Advocacy Center, the mission of the Child Abuse Network is two-fold. First, their aim is to help stop the hurt and begin the healing, as their motto states. Their second goal is centered around achieving this with one place to get the help needed, and the importance for abused children to only go through this type of intervention once. By housing different community resources together such as the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit, DHS counselors and specially trained pediatricians, children connected to abuse investigations have one place where they can tell their story to supportive adults who are ready and willing to help them as kindly and gently as possible.

Since these kids have already suffered a lot of trauma, the Child Abuse Network aims to lessen further trauma for them. One key way this is done is through their staff of specially trained social workers who understand development age factors, and how to interview children without leading questions, as well as how to interpret answers from a child’s point of view. With 3 of the 5 pediatricians specially trained in how to examine children of abuse in the state of Oklahoma, the Child Advocacy Center is a very special place where children can begin to heal.

Like all non-profits, the Child Abuse Network needs support. From monetary donations, to visitor volunteers who help kids feel safe during their time at the Center, and supporting their fundraising events, there’s many different ways to help.

I encourage you to listen to the entire discussion with Anna and myself on The Future of Real Estate is Now. Child abuse occurs across all demographics and zip codes; it’s up to us as a community to help the victims of abuse get the support and help they need. You can also discover more at

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Enjoy an Efficient & Easy Closing on Your New Tulsa, OK Home

Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss the closing process for home buyers and how it can be made more efficient

As a Tulsa, OK Homebuyer, once you get to the point of an accepted offer and it’s time to get your mortgage documents in hand, you’re faced with the stress of the closing process. With the current Oklahoma state rules for real estate, home closings are supposed to be done within 3 days of an accepted offer. Home buyers around Green Country need to be ready to go with an approved mortgage to help ensure this time-frame can be met. But there’s another key component in the closing process, the title company which is responsible for the final review and recording of all the legal documentation related to a real estate sale, be it in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs or any other community in the area.

As we know from our previous discussions with Dan Newberry of TTCU, choosing the right title company is as important as choosing the right lender. For members of TTCU, there’s an amazing benefit for home buyers. Integrity Title is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TTCU Federal Credit Union. This equates in additional discounts and rates for TTCU members to help lower closing costs overall.

In addition to paying less, when TTCU ad Integrity Title work on a mortgage loan together for a Tulsa home buyer, the process is much more efficient, allowing for more ease in meeting the 3-day requirement. Being under the same ownership umbrella allows for easier communication and more seamless processes between the two companies and the tasks they handle for real estate transactions. Because these are also both local, community-based resources, you as a home buyer get the advantage of having access to personal, one-on-one help whenever you need it.

If you’re planning to buy a home anywhere around Tulsa’s Green Country region, consider working with a local funding institution and title company, as a Realtor®, this is my standard recommendation for my clients; this is one way to make their life less stressful as they prepare to move. Visit  and to learn more about what these companies have to offer you as a Tulsa home buyer.


For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or


Featured Properties:

1554 S Yorktown Pl. NEW LISTING– $619,000, 5.700 SqFt. Historic Home with many original architectural features throughout.

1181 E. 131st Street 16,000 SqFt; close to 55 acres, Courtyard, Pool, 4-car garage, $2,400,000. Check the eXp 3-d online tour of this incredible listing. Jinx/Bixby area. Flexible floor plan, 2 laundry rooms, 2 master bedrooms, library/game room/office- Full suite option on upper level.

752 Knobb Hill Dr- Sand Springs- New Listing! $170,000, Split-level, 4-bedrooms, 3-full baths, 3 acres with a lakeside view, wrap around bac porch, storm cellar.

4706 S 178th East Ave.  Broken Arrow, 4-Bdrm, 3-bath, plus bonus game room/suite on upper level $259,000

1013 S. Cypress Ave. $274,900- 5-bedroom with master suite on first level, 3-cargarage, private lot on cul-de-sac; property borders natural fielded area, no backyard neighbors, 2,000 square feet.


Unlock Freedom, Bring New Hope to the Vulnerable in Tulsa, OK

Special Guest Sara Weller of Unlock Freedom talks with Darryl about the fastest growing crime enterprise in the world, and how it’s impacting our Tulsa communities. 

There are times where we want to live life through rose-colored classes, where everything is perfect, there’s no stress, nothing but happiness and joy. While this is not always a full reality as nothing is truly perfect, most of us manage to get there at least partway. We may not always have our ideal job, or we may need to deal with financial or health stresses, but generally speaking, leading a happy, healthy lifestyle is achievable. Many of us understand we have our own choices to make, that we can create a good life with a bit of hard work and perseverance, and a lot of support from family, friends and colleagues.

This is not so for everyone however, in particular for the disenfranchised. There are victims within our own community who have been forced into a life of having no choice, most horrifically within the world of human sex trafficking. Sara Weller of Unlock Freedom was on our latest airing of The Future of Real Estate is Now radio show, sharing vital information regarding this often hushed-up aspect of today’s world, and how we can make a difference.

As with many community initiatives, help and a better future begin with education. Unlock Freedom is an organization dedicated to fighting the battle against the fastest growing crime enterprise in the world, human trafficking. If you think this only impacts unfortunate souls just in third-world countries, we have a shock for you. Human trafficking affects people right here in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, across the region. The enforced labor of young girls and boys alike is a very scary and very real concern. But we can help protect our most vulnerable and help them get out of this unfortunate life situation.

According to Sara, this is best achieved with education and outreach programs. With the “It Stops With Me” curriculum presented by Unlock Freedom at schools around the Tulsa, OK area, kids and parents a like are learning about what human sex trafficking is, the various ways it exists, and that there’s actually an industry of money making businesses out there which are perpetuating the cycle of abuse, all for the sake of a dollar. By giving this issue a name and providing resources and tools to gain a better understanding of what to watch for, such as warning signs, everyone can be better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Unlock Freedom is also about helping those who are direct victims of this terrible situation. Help comes in the form of rescues from forced abductions or work in sex industries, as well as providing a local connection. Meeting with someone who really cares about them, what happens to them and who genuinely wants to help can make a big difference. One beautiful way this is being achieved is the giving of a small gift from an Unlock Freedom volunteer to a victim. The gift is given with love, to provide a piece of hope, and to let them know that regardless of their situation, they are worthy, they are a good person, they are loved. Feeling a sense of support through an emotional bond is a major stepping stone for people in our own communities to embrace and begin feeling empowered themselves, to get help and get out.

I encourage you to listen to the entire discussion with Sara and myself on The Future of Real Estate is Now. This is a critical topic which can impact anyone, including those we love. It’s important to know about community issues and the organizations and people whom are out there, making a difference to help those in need so we can all benefit as a whole. You can also discover more at


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