Tulsa OK Homebuyers: What You Need to Know About Contract Timelines

Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss the latest State contracts for home mortgage loans and how they can impact Tulsa home buyers.

When you make an offer on a Tulsa, OK home, and it’s accepted by the seller, the clock starts ticking, and there’s only so much time available to get everything done so you can close on your new home on time. As Dan Newberry of TTCU explained on our latest episode of The Future of Real Estate, this is a vital piece of the process for home buyers to understand.

The most recent state contracts for Oklahoma home mortgages provides a 5-day window for lenders to have everything in order for the closing process, including the scheduling of an appraisal. This 5-day time limit was put in place to help both buyers and sellers be assured of the funding process, that a home buyer will in fact be able to purchase the home they have made an offer on.

This is great news, but home buyers need to remain diligent in their part of the process as much as they should be in choosing a lender to work with. As a Tulsa home buyer, as soon as you have an agreed upon offer signed by the seller, you’ll want to contact your lender immediately to get the ball rolling on the process.

You’ll also want to have a lender who understands the time sensitive nature of this type of transaction. A lender with built-in practices and processes to keep the 5-day time table attainable will be key to helping you avoid losing your earnest deposit. The way TTCU understands the new real estate contracts for Oklahoma, this is a real possibility which home buyers may now face. If the 5-day period isn’t met, a buyer can lose their earnest money to the seller.

One way to help lessen the possibility of delays is to get full pre-approval from your lender before you make an offer. Having the documentation in hand which shows how much of a mortgage you are approved for will make a big difference in how quickly the process of getting your funding in order can happen. TTCU offers loan approval options, when you’re ready to buy a home in the Tulsa or Green Country region, visit www.ttcu.com to start the discussion of mortgage options.

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Asking Questions Will Lead You to the Right Tulsa OK Realtor®

Darryl & Stan talk about asking questions to find the right agent

Being a Realtor® goes beyond the idea of a glamorous career. Being a successful Realtor® takes more than a sign in the yard and some great photos. It takes experience, knowledge of the local market, a trustworthy network of community contacts, and a genuine desire to help others achieve their home dreams.

I am here to take the burden of coordinating the process of selling or buying a home. I am here to handle the unexpected, be it a ‘mini-fire’, such as some furniture left behind by a seller, or a big emergency (the roof does leak after all!). Client or not, I encourage anyone looking at residential real estate in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, or anywhere in the state or nation, to check out the 20 Questions I have compiled which can help you start the conversation with potential agents.

This in-depth guide is a valuable resource to assist you through the process of finding the right agent. Download my FREE home seller and home buyer report,20 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Next Agent Before You Sign on the Dotted Line for a complete list of questions, including an agent interview when hiring a Realtor®.

If you do live in Green County, and have some questions about Tulsa real estate, or just looking for some answers to help you prepare for the next step in either buying or selling, I encourage you to book an appointment with me. With my easy-to-use online scheduling site, AskinForBaskin.com, you can choose a time frame and date which is convenient for you. Be it for a quick phone call, or an in-depth interview to see if we’re a good match.

I truly enjoy the opportunity to help others directly. I am passionate about what I do and where I live. There is no place like Green County and the communities such as Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Colinsville. Wherever you live, or are looking to move, I am here to help. For a complete list of active listings, visit homeguidetulsa.com.

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TTCU Loan Options Can Help Tulsa, OK Home Buyers Get More from Their Investment

Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss a loan options for home buyers to put more into their investment with home improvements.

When planning to buy a home in the Tulsa, OK or Green Region, it’s important to get the best loan for your situation. Watching interest rates can help you determine the best time to get a loan as well. Working with a trusted mortgage funding resource such as TTCU is a sure way to get the advice you need to make the decision of when to get a loan, and for how much.

There’s a great new product available through TTCU which Dan Newberry shared with us on our latest broadcast of The Future of Real Estate is Now radio show. Many home buying investors, those who are purchasing rentals or flipping homes for an investment gain potential, often seek out a fixer-upper or a home which needs some work before renting or selling it again. These homes are often at a lower price, but with a catch; there’s a significant cost to the buyer to update and repair the property.

For property investors, they often have the cash available to handle these bigger price tag projects. But what about your average home buyer? Having access to a large sum of funding beyond a mortgage loan can be a challenge, if not a hinderance, towards updating a home. In comes TTCU to the rescue with a new option. This Tulsa region credit union now has a loan product for home buyers to get up to $40,000 in funding to put towards home improvements.

With such a loan, the goal is two-fold. First, it allows home buyers to update a newly purchased house, so they can really love where they live. Second, this can also help a property appreciate in value more readily, as often improvements and updates will equate in a higher value when it’s time to sell once again. This is good news for a lender such as TTCU; they see it as an investment in their clients as much as it is in a property, a win-win situation for everyone.

Visit www.ttcu.com to start the discussion of financial solutions for you and your family.

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Tulsa OK Real Estate Review: Home Inspections

Darryl & Stan Continue their discussion of important aspects of buying Tulsa, OK residential real estate

You’ve made an offer on a Tulsa home, now what? First things first. The inspection needs to be completed. There is a 10-day period to get this done. The main reason this is such a short time frame is to allow both the buyer and the seller a quick process to confirm a home is in good shape, and if any repairs are needed, there is time to negotiate or walk away without either party losing too much in time or money.

There are 2 main types of inspections to have done on a home, structural and utility-based. A structural inspection covers a review of the bones of a house. How is the foundation? Are there cracks in walls or along molding? What shape is the roof in? Utility-based inspections focus on the systems of a house, such as electricity, plumbing, heating, and cooling.

Home inspections provide a negotiation tool for both home buyers and sellers. With an agent you trust on your side, getting through the inspection period can be made less stressful, as you can rely on your agent to help you examine all the options before giving that final ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your Tulsa real estate contract.

Should the home you want need a new roof, as confirmed by the inspection, you and your agent can work with the seller to possibly lower the sale price and have you cover the cost of the roof repair. A lower price will give you additional funding to cover this, and a good agent will utilize their network of other trustworthy Tulsa area companies to help get the job done.

 When you are ready to sell or buy a home in the Tulsa OK, Green Country Region, or simply have some questions you need answered, schedule an appointment with me at Askin4Baskin.com. Whether you choose me to be your Realtor® or not, my goal is to help educate the community and my clients to achieve their home dreams  For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com

What’s the Tulsa, OK Planned Teacher Walk-Out Really About?

Mark Holben and Dan discuss just what’s at stake with the possible teacher walk out planned for April 2nd; chances are it’s more than you may realize.

Special guest, friend and colleague Mark Holben took to the mike with me on my latest show to help shed some light on the reasons and impacts of the potential planned teacher walkout set for April 2nd amongst Tulsa, OK teachers. Many make the assumption that it’s about teachers wanting a raise; this is not the case says Mark, who’s a middle school teacher in the Muskogee district.

While it’s true teachers in the Tulsa, OK region haven’t seen a cost of living increase in close to 10 years; this is just one “would be nice to have” aspect at stake. The primary focus is to restore Tulsa school funding. Last year, voters didn’t approve the latest proposed school budget; and Capital legislators have not done much to help push through long-needed funding for many basics such as new text books and basic repair needs.

Our teachers, parents and other community members who support the potential planned walkout are fighting for our children, and the future of Tulsa community. Without a properly funded school budget our campuses are missing vital services such as counselors and nurses at each school. Many of the text books are over 20 years old, and computers are in real need of being updated. Many buildings are also in need of serious work, such as leaking roofs to be repaired.

Regardless of how you feel about the local political climate around Tulsa, OK, teachers and other community members such as myself want to encourage the start of meaningful dialogues between people. Taking some time to attend school board meetings and meeting with teachers, students and parents of students is perhaps the best way to really find out and understand what’s at stake with our school system needs and the lack of a formally approved budget.

Another way to think about the impact of school funding is to think about the value of your home. Local education has a direct connection to the Tulsa economy and real estate market. With well-funded schools and growth in graduation rates for example, businesses are more likely to want to invest in a community. With company investments comes a stronger job market and economy, which in turns also adds value to our residential real estate market and better investments for Tulsa homeowners.

Listen to the full discussion in detail on our March 17th Future of Real Estate episode and make an informed decision about how you want to support our schools. For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com

Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Realtor® & Best Funding Solutions

Darryl reviews the importance of asking the right questions to find the best Realtor® for you.

How do you find the right Realtor for you? How do you know a real estate professional really knows what they are doing? You can’t rely on a great headshot or fancy car to confirm the success of a real estate agent.

You can however, rely on yourself to interview multiple candidates, and ask the right questions. When you ask specific questions, which are designed to trigger insightful dialogue, you can make your decision of whom to hire with confidence.

There’s plenty of real estate opportunities for everyone around here. Getting a license is the easy part, gaining knowledge, insight and experience which can help clients with their home dreams and needs, takes much more. My team and I are aiming to raise the bar of professional, compassionate service within the real estate market, so everyone can benefit. This is best achieved through consumer education.

One example to ask: “How do your average selling prices compare to actual selling prices?” You need not, and probably won’t find a Realtor® where these two figures match up 100%. Instead, this question can lead to an open discussion with honest candor as to why there maybe a range of actual selling prices lower or higher than what was listed. This question gives agents a chance to show their integrity through open and honest conversation.

Arming yourself with good information which can make an impactful difference will help you be happy with your home buying or selling experience. Discover what are the right questions to ask by downloading my FREE home seller report 20 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Realtor® Before You Sign on the Dotted Line for a complete list of questions to ask your real estate agent before listing your home for sale.


Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss Interest Rates, how they can impact homebuyers.

Interest rates for mortgages have been in fluctuation, especially with the latest tax reform laws passed and bond market ups and downs. These things and other economic influences impact the rise and fall of interest rates, sometimes from one day to the next. A higher interest rate means a higher mortgage payment. Once you have locked in your interest rate with your mortgage lender, you will know how much interest will be included in your monthly home payment. But this can’t happen until you go to your funding source with a home you’ve made an offer on.

How can you prepare and plan for an affordable payment without knowing what the interest rate will be prior to getting a loan for your new home? Applying different financial solutions to your monthly expenses can make a big difference. The folks at TTCU for example, can run a Credit Expense Analysis and review where you may be able to consolidate or refinance debt to lower your primary expense budget. If you’re paying less out of pocket when you find the home you want, chances are you’ll be better able to absorb a higher mortgage payment if interest rates have gone up.

The key is to watch the market regularly and know how interest rates are changing so you won’t be surprised. Keep ongoing communication with your lending institution. A good financial plan can help ensure you have peace of mind when you move into your new home. Visit www.ttcu.com to start the discussion of financial solutions for you and your family.

For real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com