The Future of Real Estate Discusses Handling a Swarm of Bees in Your Tulsa Home

Continuing Care Retirement Living- Inverness is designed for those 55 and older.  Inverness is designed for people that are active and healthy and also for those who need additional care.  We promote an active and independent lifestyle with our residents.  There are fitness centers, housekeeping, restaurants, a hair salon, activities and much more.  There is one monthly fee that includes certain amenities such as activities, housekeeping, and dining.  There are formal dining, a bistro, and even a casual dining room. We work with residents who choose this lifestyle for themselves as well as family members and attorneys who are helping a family member.  In addition to living for those that are active and healthy, we have a place for those that need continuing care as they age.  Our Tulsa residences are from 750 square feet to over 2000 square feet. Call Jessica at Inverness Village at 918-388-4235 for more information on Inverness Village and Tulsa area continuing care residences.


QUICK TIP–  You can often get a great deal on a Tulsa home when you buy it with the ugliest and worst features (such as old flooring and wallpaper) and make it into something that is new and updated.


Tulsa Abstract Legislation- Over the last 10 years there has been Oklahoma legislation that has been introduced to eliminate abstracts in Oklahoma and the need for attorneys to examine them.  Overall, people don’t like abstracts.  Oklahoma is one of the only states left to have abstracts.  Part of the problem is that in smaller cities and counties, it may take a longer time to get the abstract completed. In Tulsa county we don’t have the problem of an extended time to get the abstract.

In some of the southern counties there were some issues getting abstracts when trying to buy or sell properties.  The Oklahoma House Bill was brought about to try to bring light to the problems that had been occurring.  It would have eliminated the need for abstracts and the need for attorneys to go over them.  The bill got the attention that was needed to help bring about the change to the problem areas in Oklahoma. The bill was more or less for the smaller counties that were taking too long to get the abstract updated.  The newer bill brings fines and fees for those that are taking too long to bring the abstract up to date.

When it comes to Abstracting in Oklahoma, there are many things that need to be done to be licensed.  You do not have to be an attorney.  You go to apply for a license.  When you are licensed you build your indexes. Building the index is a huge reason why there aren’t more Abstractors in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Abstract Board makes sure that the Abstractor is keeping the index up to date and producing abstracts whenever they are asked for it and also that the abstracting process is time effective.

Because the abstract helps prevent claims being filed on a property, the insurance is cheaper.  By cancelling abstracts completely, there will be more claims because accuracy will go down and insurance would end up costing more.


There is something called Adverse Possession.  Basically, adverse possession is when someone has occupied the land for a period of time, the property would now become theirs. Over the years homeowners will get the idea that because their fence was over the owners property line for 20 years the law says the property is now theirs. This is not exactly the case.  There must be evidence that there were notices given. In situations of adverse possession and updating an abstract, we simply gather the information that attorneys and judges need to make the determination of who owns the property.

For all your Tulsa county abstract needs, contact Guaranty Abstract at 918-587-6621 or


Why is it Important to Have Tulsa area Beekeepers?  We need beekeepers because the bee population has declined due to pesticides and insecticides that are being used. Bees are getting diseases and pests are causing problems with bees.  We need more beekeepers in Tulsa.  We don’t encourage irresponsible beekeeping and we really want those who are willing to educate themselves and do the hard work that is required.  If you are scared of bees, this is not for you.  If you can’t handle labor intensive work during the heat and lift heavy things, this is not for you.

It is extremely common for Oklahoma homeowners to find a hive of bees inside a home, wall, etc.  If you see swarms or hives of bees, there are people that will take care of this for you.  It is important not to spray them and kill them.  Have a Tulsa beekeeper come out and take the hive and bees away.  Just spraying the bees might get the bees away but you will still have the hive and honey inside your walls.  You can also check out “How to Handle a Swarm of Bees in Your Tulsa Home” for more information on who to contact for beekeeping and hive removal. For more information on Tulsa beekeeping contact Kevin Hyland at 918-779-9811.


Tulsa, OK Area Property for Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes,

630 Meadowood Dr. Broken Arrow- $163,500-  Backs to Indian Springs Golf Course, partial remodel, 4 bedrooms, 2 full 1 half bathrooms.

6718 South Atlanta Avenue, Tulsa- $255,000- Short sale, 4 bedrooms, 2 full 1 half bathrooms

1812 West Sandusky Street, Broken Arrow-$239,000-Backs to Battle Creek Golf Course, one level, brand new kitchen, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.

10716 South 66 East Avenue Jenks- $499,000- Forest Trails,  4 bedrooms, 4 full 3 half bathrooms

10653 South 68th East Avenue- Forest Trails- This property is not yet listed, contact Darryl at 918-732-9732 for more information.

For more information on Tulsa real estate contact Darryl of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

Downsizing Your Home

Understand down-sizing your home. Real estate broker, Darryl Baskin, explains how you can save money and be better prepared when downsizing your house. When entering retirement for choosing lower maintenance real estate, you’re often faced with Financial decisions and difficult choices with your personal belongings.

Darryl Baskin is no stranger to this process. Having helped clients for over 25 years, he understands what steps to take what order makes them easier. Whether you’re trying to lower your monthly cost of homeownership, reduce your maintenance, find a home that is easier to navigate without steps, Or simply get closer to friends or assisting caregivers and doctors, you will find it easy to have a plan to execute.

Baskin covers many myths associated with selling a home – especially as they relate to older consumers who have lived in a property for many years and accumulated a large number of belongings. He also covers the emotional aspect many homeowners face realizing so many of life’s memories are associated with our homes.

Enjoy this presentation in its original format as given at a luxury retirement community in Tulsa Oklahoma.

For additional information about selling your home and downsizing in today’s market, contact Darryl Baskin at 918-732-9732 or

Tulsa Real Estate history with Joe McGraw Realtors Tulsa

Tulsa real estate would not be the same without Joe McGraw, a local legend in Tulsa real estate. When Joe McGraw started what is today McGraw Realtors, he set out with a vision which led to consistent company growth. Today, McGraw Realtors is Oklahoma’s largest real estate brokerage with eight offices and over 500 real estate sales associates. McGraw Realtors Tulsa has been an asset to the Tulsa community in countless ways with support of non-profits and general corporate citizenship and personal activity from its agents.

His stories are truly fascinating and an interesting look into the history of Tulsa, OK.

Joe McGraw was a former Oklahoma state legislator near the time he started McGraw Breckenridge (which later became McGraw Realtors.)

When I started my real estate career at the age of 18, I found it difficult to gain acceptance in a world of good ole’ boys (although mostly women). Joe McGraw was welcoming, patient, and supportive to me as a young tulsa Realtor. During my twenty two years with the McGraw Realtors Tulsa, I experienced success on many different levels thanks to Joe McGraw’s support; Rookie of the Year, Top Sales in volume and/or transactions for at least 15 of those years, and eventually partner with the company.

Today, the Tulsa real estate agent landscape is much younger and diverse. Joe McGraw and McGraw Realtors, Tulsa should get significant credit for influencing that in Tulsa real estate since he was willing in those earlier years to take on the risk of young and inexperienced real estate agents. That is a risk for a company brand which could be negatively affected but Joe McGraw took it.

Although I have no regrets for establishing the innovative and visionary eXp Realty platform, McGraw Realtors Tulsa is a Tulsa real estate company I am proud to have as part of my real estate career history. Today, I continue to enjoy working with their many real estate associates and staff and consider Tulsa, OK very fortunate to have such professional real estate players in the market.

Tulsa Real Estate Listings – from a Drone’s Point of View

Tulsa real estate broker, Darryl Baskin demonstrates to the use of a real estate drone for a Tulsa house for sale. Home sellers interested in how to sell a home in Tulsa, OK often find their home in a mass of other Tulsa real estate listings but they don’t know how to make it stand out among other Tulsa houses for sale.

Baskin has been a Tulsa real estate listings leader since he started selling in the Tulsa real estate market in 1990. Since then, Baskin has been the recognized leader in inventory of houses for sale in Tulsa, OK and specialized marketing tools for Tulsa real estate listings.

For more information about Tulsa, OK and Tulsa real estate listings, see our full Tulsa MLS search here.

The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Interest Rates

The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Interest Rates

Tulsa Interest Rates

“Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles/”.

Show Outline

C.A.S.A.- Court Appointed Special Advocates- 3:20

Tulsa Interest Rates- 35:15

Insurance for College?- 45:20

CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates is an organization the speaks for children in the court system.  CASA Volunteers are trained.  Training is free.  CASA volunteers work with teachers, parents, kids, attorneys, caseworkers, doctors and others involved in the case and the child’s life.  Volunteers help provide a voice for the child so that their best interest can be met.   For more information contact Tulsa CASA at

Interest Rates–  The market has been going a little crazy lately.  The feds started pulling money out of the stock market.  The stock market lost all the gains it has made this year.  When the stock market drops like this people generally invest in bonds.  The market has been overinflated and the bond market has been dropping so that people aren’t investing in them.  That generally means that mortgage rates will likely be lower. Its a cycle though so rates will go back up.  When rates are lower, it can be a good time to lock in rates for your family and your future.  Do your research and talk to real estate and mortgage professionals to find out what you options are and what is best for your family.  Contact us at TTCU The Credit Union at or 918-749-8828.

Insurance for College?–  It is estimated that college kids will take $5000-10,000 worth of contents with them to school. There are cell phones, laptops, and lots more.  The standard homeowners policy allows for 10% of the contents to be off premises.  It is generally coverage C- contents.  The same coverage extension that would apply to a disaster on vacation or items stolen out of your car.  If you have more than 10% in contents off site consider adding on to your policy.  If your student is living off campus, consider renters insurance.  Also educate your kids about identity theft. Identity can be stolen quite easily and is pretty common for college aged kids.  Auto insurance typically follows the car.  When they allow somebody to borrow their car, they are essentially borrowing your insurance. Another consideration is to add an umbrella to your policy – excess liability.  For more information on protecting yourself, your family, and your belongings, call Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or


Tulsa Real Estate For Sale

Home Guide Tulsa– One Address Thousands of Homes

6301  East 105- $2.2 Million, Circle Drive, Enormous Lot, Library with Fireplace and Private Patio, Balcony on Top Level, Open Kitchen, Four Seasons Room, Gated Community

4507 Edgewood- $489,000, Sapulpa, 10 Acres

6821 East 112- $450,000, Stanford Elm, Bixby Schools, Gated Community, 3 Car Garage, Pool,

5128 Redbud- Sand Springs, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, Four Seasons Room,

32271 East 721 Terrace- $146,500, Corner Lot, Garage, Worshop


Green Country Home and Garden Show Tulsa OK

Watch the Green Country Home and Garden Show Tulsa Live Here

Discover the best home repair and improvement companies in the Tulsa area at the 2014 Green Country Home and Garden Show Tulsa OK

From Tulsa hardwood floor installers to Tulsa roofing companies, you will find the premium selection of Tulsa home improvement experts at the always free Tulsa home and garden show everyone looks forward to, the Green Country Home and Garden Show in Tulsa OK.

Come to the event in person and make sure to tell your friends to watch the live interviews with Tulsa home improvement companies’ representatives – up close and personal so they can plan your trip to the show and get the most from you visit.


JANUARY 24-26, 2014
The Exchange Center at Expo Square
4145 East 21st Street
Tulsa, OK  74112

Friday: 12pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-8pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm coverage of the GReen Country Home and Garden Show Tulsa OK wis brought to you by TTCU The Credit Union and eXp Realty.

Darryl Baskin has been host of the popular The Future of Real Estate Television and radio programs since 1993 and will take you inside the work of Tulsa real estate improvements at this years Home and Garden Show to let you meet the experts in person. Tulsa home builders, Tulsa deck builders, Broken Arrow plumbers, exterminators, and so much more. Explore your home improvement options in Tulsa with the TulsaLiveEvents feed straight from the Tulsa Fairgrounds, live!