Oil Patch Entrepreneurs are Good for the Tulsa Economy

Darryl and Don Burdock discuss how Tulsa’s local economy is turning around with the growth of Oil Patch Entrepreneurs.

 Over recent years Tulsa has seen a lot of changes in the local economy. Not long ago we saw the departure of public utilities such as SM Energy and Newfield. While this may feel like cause for concern with such big companies leaving the area, the Tulsa economy is holding strong, and even seeing some incredible growth. This is great news for Tulsa homeowners, and anyone looking to sell or buy property here. You may wonder how is it that our economy has held out; one reason is the strong growth of Oil Patch Entrepreneurs, small, locally owned oil companies such as the one owned by Don Burdock, Oliphant Oil.

These smaller companies have had a big impact on the Tulsa economy. With over 40 companies in our region alone, each with 10-25 employees and managing between $150-$700 million budgets, these innovative businesses are helping to drive our community toward the future. This is a $12 billion industry being run by Tulsans, not out-of-state corporations, but local community members.

The success of the Oil Patch Entrepreneur is reflected in the Tulsa real estate market as well. At a grass-roots level, one would expect to see a decrease in housing values and an exodus away from the area as big energy companies move out. We are past the time of losses in the Tulsa economy. We aren’t sitting with empty homes on the market for months at a time. Average sale prices are up, and homes are moving fast in Tulsa and Broken Arrow neighborhoods, for example.

With the rise in Oil Patch Entrepreneur companies, concerns have been raised over the impact of drilling practices such as fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, in particular, the increased seismic activity the Tulsa region has experienced over recent years. Don shared his insight and expertise on the subject to help clarify just what fracking is, and what’s really been causing many of our tremors, as well as the solution to limit them once again.

Fracking is the term used for pushing large amounts of water and sand into drilling holes in the attempt to crack rock 100 feet above and below the drilling holes, with the goal of releasing oil held within the deep earth–on average 2 miles deep as Don explained. The increase in earthquake activity is not due to fracking itself, but rather has come from the need to return expelled water from drill holes, which is too toxic to use, back into the earth where it came from. Unfortunately, some of the return tracks made were near fault lines. The pressure generated by the returning water triggered seismic activity.

Now that this has been confirmed, the solution is quite simple–find different tracts of land from which to return the water, away from faults. Since this began, seismic activity has significantly decreased. The key to the success of this situation rested upon the team work of our local oil companies and regulatory agencies seeking better ways to deal with the processes, without severely damaging the place we call home.

The above situation is an excellent example of how the Oil Patch Entrepreneurs are working in support of Tulsa’s economy and community at large. If you’re thinking of buyer or selling, now is a great time to be in Tulsa.

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A New Irish Fest for Downtown Tulsa

Special Guest Don Burdock of Oliphant Oil has a special, new family friendly event to tell us about.

It’s March and for many across the country, it’s time for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. While Tulsa has held celebrations in the past, it’s been many years since we’ve had an Irish Festival; the closest one to us has been in Kansas City. That’s about to change with the inaugural Tulsa Irish Festival, happening on Saturday, March 17th. Don Burdock and the Oklahoma Oil Patch, have partnered with 36 local Tulsa companies to bring our community a free, family-friendly celebration centered around Irish inspired music.

We all know Bluegrass music. But have you heard of Celtgrass music? You can discover this intriguing blend of Celtic sounds and Bluegrass, which brings a whole new experience to music, at the Tulsa Irish Festival. From Noon to 9 at Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa, there will be live performances of local Celtgrass bands and other high-energy music to tap your toes to and enjoy the day when everyone’s Irish.

Not only will there be Irish music, but food and drink as well, and kids’ activities such as face painting too. The entire family is welcome; a wonderful way to celebrate together. Learn more including the bands that are lined up to perform at the Tulsa Irish Fest Facebook page. The hope is this new festival will be a success, so it can return next year and the year after that.

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Who Pays for Electrical Repairs Outside Your Home? PSO or You?

Our discussion with Steve from Murray Electric will enlighten you as to who is responsible for external electrical repairs on your property.

When it comes to interior electrical issues, you, the homeowner, are responsible for the cost of repair. But what about external damages? What does our regional electric provider, PSO cover in terms of cost and time to repair? While exterior issues are not too common, they happen often enough that it pays to know who has to pay before something happens, if for no other reason than to lessen the shock.

Examples of owner-responsible issues include damages to electrical poles attached to your home and issues with the meter socket, where your meter is “plugged-in” to your house. PSO is responsible for electrical lines outside your home, meter cans, and service masts, where the wires are in place above your house.

For condo owners, it’s a bit different as the HOA managing the property is a third party responsible for some repair costs. For any damages inside the building, the owner will be responsible. To really know what your HOA covers in terms of electrical repair cost, its best to check your HOA rules.

Ultimately, it’s best to be prepared and understand how your wallet could be impacted by storm damages or other electrical issues, you may think you don’t have to cover. One way to do this is have a conversation with Steve at Murry Electric yourself. This is one local service where there is a live person on the other end of the phone, and you’ll find the electrical help you need, whether it’s information, advice or a service call. With two locations in Tulsa (918-835-9605) and Broken Arrow (918-254-9771), help is just a phone call away. Find more information at their website: www.murrayelectric.com.

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Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Realtor® & Best Funding Solutions

Darryl reviews the importance of asking the right questions to find the best Realtor® for you.

How do you find the right Realtor for you? How do you know a real estate professional really knows what they are doing? You can’t rely on a great headshot or fancy car to confirm the success of a real estate agent.

You can however, rely on yourself to interview multiple candidates, and ask the right questions. When you ask specific questions, which are designed to trigger insightful dialogue, you can make your decision of whom to hire with confidence.

There’s plenty of real estate opportunities for everyone around here. Getting a license is the easy part, gaining knowledge, insight and experience which can help clients with their home dreams and needs, takes much more. My team and I are aiming to raise the bar of professional, compassionate service within the real estate market, so everyone can benefit. This is best achieved through consumer education.

One example to ask: “How do your average selling prices compare to actual selling prices?” You need not, and probably won’t find a Realtor® where these two figures match up 100%. Instead, this question can lead to an open discussion with honest candor as to why there maybe a range of actual selling prices lower or higher than what was listed. This question gives agents a chance to show their integrity through open and honest conversation.

Arming yourself with good information which can make an impactful difference will help you be happy with your home buying or selling experience. Discover what are the right questions to ask by downloading my FREE home seller report 20 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Realtor® Before You Sign on the Dotted Line for a complete list of questions to ask your real estate agent before listing your home for sale.


Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss Interest Rates, how they can impact homebuyers.

Interest rates for mortgages have been in fluctuation, especially with the latest tax reform laws passed and bond market ups and downs. These things and other economic influences impact the rise and fall of interest rates, sometimes from one day to the next. A higher interest rate means a higher mortgage payment. Once you have locked in your interest rate with your mortgage lender, you will know how much interest will be included in your monthly home payment. But this can’t happen until you go to your funding source with a home you’ve made an offer on.

How can you prepare and plan for an affordable payment without knowing what the interest rate will be prior to getting a loan for your new home? Applying different financial solutions to your monthly expenses can make a big difference. The folks at TTCU for example, can run a Credit Expense Analysis and review where you may be able to consolidate or refinance debt to lower your primary expense budget. If you’re paying less out of pocket when you find the home you want, chances are you’ll be better able to absorb a higher mortgage payment if interest rates have gone up.

The key is to watch the market regularly and know how interest rates are changing so you won’t be surprised. Keep ongoing communication with your lending institution. A good financial plan can help ensure you have peace of mind when you move into your new home. Visit www.ttcu.com to start the discussion of financial solutions for you and your family.

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The Demand Project: Protecting and Educating Tulsa Kids


Special Guest Kristin Weis, co-founder of The Demand Project talks about a critical issue facing our children today, and how we can help protect them.

The world has changed a lot since the internet came into our homes. While much of what we gain from having access to the world wide web are positive things, not everything online is nice. Some aspects are literally dangerous, especially for young, impressionable children. One of the worst side-effects of our digital world today is the prevalence of online predators. Motivated by the desire to help make the internet a safer place, The Demand Project works to prevent and prosecute against the sexual exploitation of kids. They also work to rescue & restore a sense of security and peace for victims of these horrific crimes.

Two key components to The Demand Project include school assemblies and parental education. Within the school assemblies, the founders Kristin and her husband Jason, speak to the kids in terms they can understand. The crimes they are aiming to prevent are clearly explained to their audiences, along with practical ways to avoid them. It’s also vitally important for parents to know what they can do to help protect their children; knowing just what website and applications kids are accessing, and ongoing discussion with them will go a long way to help this younger generation understand what dangers exist and how they can avoid them.

The internet and today’s technology make the sexual exploitation of children easier to do than you may think. This type of crime is not only something terrible to experience, but also brings with it life-altering trauma, and a long, hard road towards a better, happier future. The Demand Project wants to help protect kids from being victims in the first place, and help those in need already. Check out their website, www.thedemandproject.org to learn more, and be sure to tune in for our next show, when we will visit with Kristen again to learn about the amazing restoration facility this incredible organization has in the works.

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Green Country Tulsa Conserves the Environment with The MET


Special Guest Graham Brannen of the Metropolitan Environmental Trust had a great chat with Darryl Baskin, about how we as a community can help conserve and protect the environment.

The Tulsa region is known affectionally as Green Country due to the incredible natural beauty found in this part of the state. Over the last 30 years, The Metropolitan Environmental Trust (The MET), has been leading the way towards providing education, solutions and accessibility in environmentally friendly practices around the Tulsa region. We’ve come a long way from the days of draining car oil or emptying paint cans into the nearby gully. As a community, we have learned about the importance of conserving the environment; as much for our natural resources as for our own families and the future. Much of our progress has come about with the support of The MET.

As the folks at The MET like to say, “Give us a call, and we’ll help you find a solution.” This idea is the cornerstone of the services this community organization provides. Through The MET, you can properly dispose of hazardous household materials such as pesticides or paint thinner. While newer lightbulbs last longer, there’s an environmental component to be aware of. Fluorescent tube lights contain mercury. If a bulb breaks, the mercury is released into the air. The Metropolitan Environmental Trust helps in the proper disposal of these bulbs, among many other items you may have lying around your home right now.

Of special note mentioned by Graham on the show, CFLs or compact fluorescent lights also contain mercury, but you can return these more commonly used bulbs to your local home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot. When it comes to collecting hazardous materials, The MET typically does so by appointment, or during one of their many special events planned throughout the year. Regardless of whether The MET can help dispose of the items you are ready to clear out of the garage, if you don’t know what to do, give them a call and they will help you find the right solution.

And speaking of special collection events, the next one is slated for March 24th-25th, where you can drop off household pollutants, including old smoke detectors which need to be replaced every 7-10 years, but also used tires, leftover ammunition, expired medications and more. The main facility is located at 4502 S. Galveston Ave in Tulsa. You can also give them a call to set up an appointment at a time that works for you: 918-584-0584.

Coming up April 18th, will be the 20th Annual Environmental Expo, something no one should miss. Connect with local environmental experts and organizations. Meet business and non-profits focused on sustainability within their practices and enjoy Food Truck Wednesday while you’re at it. Find all the details and get plenty of information at the Metropolitan Environmental Trust website: www.metrecycle.com.

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