A Perspective from a First Time Home Buyer in Tulsa

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Daniel is a first time home buyer in Tulsa. He recently closed on his first home and has useful feedback for fellow first time home buyers.

Daniel was surprised by how calm he felt through the process. After hearing stories from friends, he had expected the process of buying his first home to be stressful. He attributes the smooth process to Darryl Baskin from Baskin Real Estate Specialists. Darryl made sure Daniel was well informed throughout the entire process. As a result, Daniel was never surprised and didn’t experience many issues.

Darryl attributes the ease of the process to Daniel taking the time to plan properly. Daniel’s financial planning and preparation prior to beginning his home search helped make the process smooth. Obtaining pre-approval ahead of time allows the home buyer to budget properly and know their price limit.

Daniel took the time to look at houses online to see how much houses in Tulsa are listed for. He also began to compare features to determine his “must have’s”. He began this process a year before setting out to seriously look at homes.

There were a few speed bumps along the way. Daniel lost the first property he made an offer on. Another home buyer made a cash offer first. As a result, the seller chose the cash offer. Multiple offers on a home aren’t uncommon. This is another reason why having pre-approval can be beneficial. When receiving multiple offers on a home, the seller may choose the buyer who has been pre-approved.

When buying your first home in Tulsa, take the time to research, plan, save, and get pre-approval on a home loan. It also helps to attend a first-time home buyer class. Baskin Realty Specialists and TTCU Federal Credit Union are currently planning a first-time home buyer class!

Visit TTCU Federal Credit Union to review their financing options. They offer four different 100% lending options. This means you don’t put any down, you only pay closing costs. TTCU Federal Credit Union offers some of the lowest closing costs in Tulsa. In addition, when you close with TTCU Federal Credit Union, you receive .125 off your interest rate when the loan is a purchase transaction and close with Integrity Title and Closing. Visit ttcu.com for additional details.

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Junior Achievement of Tulsa Teaches Students Financial Responsibility

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Junior Achievement of Tulsa, OK, is a non-profit program which teaches students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, age appropriate finance programs. Through this organization, students learn about world economy, the stock market, budgeting, and how to write a check.

Darryl Baskin, of Baskin Real Estate Specialists, is a volunteer with Junior Achievement. He recently spent a few hours volunteering at “Finance Park”. Finance Park is one of the programs offered by Junior Achievement, and was developed to give students an idea of how their education affects family planning choices.

Students participating in Finance Park utilize a program running on an iPad and are presented with a simulated career and salary. The student makes real-life choices based on their virtual income, such as selecting a car, house, health insurance, and budget for childcare. If they make a mistake, such as choosing the wrong health insurance, they receive an error and have to re-do it. Once they are complete, the program then gives them a real life situation, such as “you just got a flat tire”. The student must work out a solution to the problem.

Junior Achievement puts together a framework for students and teaches how to adjust to financial issues. The program educates kids by applying what they learn in school and demonstrating how to be realistic with finances, including groceries, bills, and insurance.

The programs are run by volunteers who teach life appropriate materials. The volunteers have an opportunity to show the students they have the power to change their life. If you have any interest in volunteering, or for more information on Junior Achievement, contact them at jaok.org

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What is an “As-if” Tulsa House Loan?

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The Tulsa “As-If” Tulsa House Loan- What is it?

19:10- Tulsa House Loans- As-If Tulsa Home Loan

An “As-if” Tulsa House Loan is a product that  TTCU offers.  The name may leave you wondering, “What is an As-If Tulsa House Loan?  An As-If Loan is one that is based on the completed value of the house, before the home has been completed or remodeled. This is a one time close loan.   We get a list of all the things that you want to do in your home.  You get a bid on the work and we do an appraisal based on what the home value would be when it is finished with that list.  It is an “As-if” it was finished Tulsa house loan. Many first time home buyers in Tulsa either want to live in an area that is out of their price range or want more than what they can afford.  This loan can often help enable you to get the home you want, often at a lower price, instead of buying one already remodeled at a higher price. For many seeking a Tulsa house loan, working with new construction or homes that need to be remodeled ends up costing them much  more than a regular loan.  With a traditional new construction loan- or one used when you purchase a home and then remodel- you end up have more than one mortgage and  more than one closing.  With each closing and mortgage come closing costs and sometimes higher interest rates.  Then, when the work is complete, you refinance to get one mortgage and a lower interest rate.  That costs more in closing costs.  Those higher interest rates and multiple closing costs add up and cost lots of unnecessary money. With TTCU’s As-If loan- you will get one loan.  When the contractor does does the work, he gets his money.  This can allow you, as a Tulsa home buyer, to enjoy your Tulsa area home and get a good investment.

Tulsa, OK! 4BR Ranch with Desirable Layout in Sweetbriar East!

7957 S 78th East Ave., Tulsa, OK

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This newly listed, beautiful Ranch Style home offers a spectacular layout with 4 total bedrooms; 3 bedrooms downstairs plus a theater and bedroom suite upstairs. The spacious, open kitchen features granite counter-tops. Additional features include a game room with wet bar, detached office, sunroom, outdoor living space, storage shed, fresh interior paint, and a 2 car garage with painted floor! The home is located on a professionally landscaped corner lot, with private, full fence backyard. Located in Sweetbriar East and listed at $225,000.

Contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com

Volunteer with Junior Achievement of Tulsa, OK to Empower Young People, and Make a Difference in the Community!

Junior Achievement (JA) of Tulsa, OK, is a non-profit program which teaches students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, about economics, work preparedness, and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement is an amazing program to get involved with, and offers a great opportunity for experienced professionals to give back to the community. JA is in need of volunteers to teach, and inspire young people to succeed in today’s economy.

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Junior Achievement teaches everything from the stock market to world economics. One of their flagship programs is a 5th grade curriculum in which students participate in JA Biztown. JA Biztown is a miniature Tulsa inside a building! It includes businesses which represent Tulsa, such as Arby’s, Cox Communications, Linde, and more! They even have a city work crew with cones, barriers, and PSO meters. Inside “mini Tulsa”, the kids apply classroom skills to the real world by “working”, balancing checkbooks, running a business, creating schedules, and even electing a mayor. Through this program, they learn valuable life-skills.


Through this “real-life” experience, kids are able to learn how to think realistically. For example, they choose the kind of car they want to have in the future, and then are taught how much that car actually costs. Along with understanding how much they are earning, kids can then determine if they can reach their goal in buying a car. In mini-Tulsa, they are earning a salary, paying bills, budgeting, and learning the consequences of not paying their bills on time. And this is only one of the programs offered by JA!


Programs such as this teach young people life-long skills. Many of the students don’t have a role model in their life to teach them directly. Junior Achievement programs and volunteers empower these kids to not grow up thinking “life just happens to them”. Instead, this organization helps them to realize they can make a difference in what their future is. They can take their ideas and put them into action. They can make their own life better and help others themselves. In addition, JA takes what is being in taught in the classroom, such as math, science, and history, and makes it relevant. This helps children understand why they are sitting in a classroom to learn, and helps the teachers to connect with students in a different way.


JA needs volunteers with experience in budgeting, finance, and economics. If you are a business owner, and have employees which are looking for volunteer work, consider letting them teach through Junior Achievement. It’s not a big commitment, typically calling for 1 hour per week for 5 or 8 weeks, though there are some longer-term programs as well. The fall session is starting soon! If you have any interest in volunteering, or for more information about Junior Achievement, contact them at jaok.org.

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Advice from a Real Estate Professional on Investing in & Flipping Homes Around Tulsa, OK!

What Do You Need to Know About House Flipping in Tulsa?

Darryl Baskin of “The Future of Real Estate” talks with Andrew Finnefrock about real estate investing, Steve of Murray Electric, and Lori Smalling of Guaranty Abstract Company to offer professional advice on flipping houses around Tulsa.

House flipping is when an investor purchases a distressed house for a low price, repairs and updates the home, and then re-sells it for a profit. There are a lot of television shows featuring people investing in houses by flipping them. They make it look so easy and appealing!  But is it? Andrew Finnefrock is a Real Estate Investor, educator, and flipper, and offers valuable advice on getting started in the home investment business. You can join in at 10 minutes to hear Andrew’s advice on investing and flipping homes.

  1. Be Ready to make Mistakes.

The first suggestion Andrew has is to be prepared to make mistakes your first time. When purchasing your first house to flip, don’t rush into it. Take the time to make the right purchase and be willing to take a loss. The biggest mistake people often make is paying contractors before work is finished. Find the right contractor by interviewing several and getting references. In Tulsa, there isn’t a lot of paperwork needed to become a contractor, so be careful and use a professional who will get the job done.

  1. Is it hard to find investors?

Andrew advises us that it isn’t hard to find financial backing. “You would be surprised to see who is willing to loan money.” The stock market does not provide material backing, and many investors are turning to real estate. The risk is less than other investments, especially in Tulsa, as the Tulsa real estate market is doing great right now.

  1. Don’t Get Attached!

Remember, this isn’t your home. When making decisions on the updates you are going to do, keep in mind that you will not be living there. Do not get too attached, or emotional, or you may risk over spending in both time and cost. Know your market. Know what home amenities are selling and find out which are the best updates that provide a good return on investment. Take the time to meet with a good real estate professional to ensure your investments are on track with the market.

Before meeting with an agent, be sure to download a free copy of “20 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Realtor Before You Sign on the Dotted Line”, available for free at darrylbaskin.com

Andrew has two businesses; flipper/investor and Quick Cash for Homes. If you found you started a project and took on more than you can handle, reach out to Andrew.

How many electrical amps do you need when flipping an older home in Tulsa?

Tulsa, OK is filled with some beautiful older homes. Jennifer Samuelson, an agent with eXp Realty is flipping a home in Owen Park, one of Tulsa’s first subdivisions! The wiring was updated; however when she opened the electric panel, she discovered it was corroded and wants to know the best way to replace it and how many amps the house should have. Join in the radio show at 33 minutes to hear more!

A standard house in Tulsa can’t be built with less than 100 amps; many newer homes have 200 amps. The average home has been using an average of 200 amps; however with more homes becoming green, many are down to 150 amps. As a result, Steve at Murray Electric recommends 200 amps as plenty.

If the electric panel does not appear to be in great shape, Steve recommends that you hire a licensed, reputable electrician to come in and look at it. It is possible for you to change your own circuit breaker; however if you do not feel comfortable doing so, it is better to hire an electrician. When choosing an electrician, always choose a licensed professional. If you attempt to take “shortcuts”, you may end up paying for it in the end. When you choose a licensed professional, you have protection.

For all your Tulsa electrical needs, contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or www.murrayelectric.com.

Do you need Title Insurance when flipping a home in Tulsa?

Lori Smalling from Guaranty Abstract Company helps us to understand why title insurance is so important! Join in the radio show at 48 minutes to hear more on title insurance!

Title Insurance needs to be in place to protect the future buyer. When you get a loan, the lender is going to require you to get title insurance for them. You have an option to purchase owner’s title insurance as well. If you only purchase lender’s title insurance, then it is only going to protect the lender. It will not cover you, as the owner. An owner’s title insurance policy will provide the protection you need.

This is very important because when you go to sell the home, you need to have a marketable title. A marketable title means your title is clear of issues. As an investor, or home buyer, you want to make sure that when you sell your home, you are not going to have any issues arise – such as someone claiming stake in the property, or a tax lien. If there is an issue with the title, you will not be able to sell the home. This is why title insurance is so important! The insurance company will research the title and ensure the title is clear.

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3510 E 104th Place, Tulsa, OK – 3 bedroom Ranch in country setting in the heart of South Tulsa

8954 W 51st Street, Tulsa, OK – 6 bedroom Colonial on 4.8 acres with luxurious amenities

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