Child Abuse Network-Advocates for the Children of Tulsa, OK

Special Guest Anna America from the Child Abuse Network highlights this important community resource for children of abuse.

 When a child suffers through an abusive situation, at home, at school or in the neighborhood, they often feel helpless and alone. There’s a local non-profit organization here in Tulsa which focuses on providing what children of abuse investigations need: intervention and support. The Child Abuse Network is host to a solid group of trained experts whose main goal is to help the kids who need it most.

Headquartered in Tulsa at the Child Advocacy Center, the mission of the Child Abuse Network is two-fold. First, their aim is to help stop the hurt and begin the healing, as their motto states. Their second goal is centered around achieving this with one place to get the help needed, and the importance for abused children to only go through this type of intervention once. By housing different community resources together such as the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit, DHS counselors and specially trained pediatricians, children connected to abuse investigations have one place where they can tell their story to supportive adults who are ready and willing to help them as kindly and gently as possible.

Since these kids have already suffered a lot of trauma, the Child Abuse Network aims to lessen further trauma for them. One key way this is done is through their staff of specially trained social workers who understand development age factors, and how to interview children without leading questions, as well as how to interpret answers from a child’s point of view. With 3 of the 5 pediatricians specially trained in how to examine children of abuse in the state of Oklahoma, the Child Advocacy Center is a very special place where children can begin to heal.

Like all non-profits, the Child Abuse Network needs support. From monetary donations, to visitor volunteers who help kids feel safe during their time at the Center, and supporting their fundraising events, there’s many different ways to help.

I encourage you to listen to the entire discussion with Anna and myself on The Future of Real Estate is Now. Child abuse occurs across all demographics and zip codes; it’s up to us as a community to help the victims of abuse get the support and help they need. You can also discover more at

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