Choosing Tulsa Neighborhoods

Choosing the Best Tulsa Neighborhoods

"Image courtesy of winnond /".

“Image courtesy of winnond /”.

As a Tulsa Realtor I am always being asked about choosing the best Tulsa neighborhoods.  When helping clients choose a neighborhood I start by asking questions.

  1. Why my clients are moving?
  2. What do they need/what is important in their new home?  Do they need a good Tulsa area school district? Are they concerned about crime, desire walkability, want to live in the country?
  3. How in demand is the neighborhood?  What is on the market now?  What has sold recently?  Are homes in that neighborh0od selling?  Sometimes the contrast of what the demand is, is not always very clear.
  4. How does the future look?  We often fail to consider our future needs.  Although we can’t predict the future, we can thin ak ahead and be wise when we make our purchases now.  Consider what the demand will be for the neighborhood in the future.  Also, remember to think about what you might need in the future?  Is it possible that you might need room to care for a loved one?  If you are older, is it possible that you might need a handicap accessible home?

These types of things can be a challenge for a buyer, but can also be a challenge for a Realtor. When you hire a Tulsa Realtor with experience, they can help guide you in a good path and help you remember important facts that you might otherwise forget.  For help in choosing the right Tulsa neighborhoods, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists. If you prefer to schedule a call to avoid phone tag, use this link.