Art Deco Tour

Art Deco was a style popular from 1910 to 1939. Tulsa’s growth and expansion during this era left the city with an abundance of buildings styled in the Art Deco Fashion. Tulsa’s rich history of Art Deco style can be seen throughout neighborhoods in all parts of the city. Art Deco is characterized by clean lines and a contemporary flair. At its apex in the 1920’s, Art Deco was considered elegant and ultra-modern. The maps below will take you on a self-guided tour of Tulsa, Oklahoma architecture and Art Deco structures. Click the map to enlarge the picture.

Tulsa - Art Deco Map

Tulsa Art Deco Map #1

  • Daniel Webster High School: 1919 West 40th Street, Tulsa, OK
    • Located in the Red Fork District, Webster High School is part of the Tulsa Public School System and was constructed as a PWA project.
  • Westhope: 3704 South Birmingham, Tulsa, OK
  • Will Rogers High School: 3909 East 5th Place, Tulsa, OK
    • Another PWA project, Will Rogers High School is part of the Tulsa Public School System
  • Midwest Equitable Meter: 3130 Charles Page Boulevard, Tulsa, OK
  • Fire Station #13: 3924 Charles Page Blvd, Tulsa, OK
  • Nation Guard Armory: 3902 East 15th, Tulsa, OK
    • The National Guard Armory is located at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. The building is adjacent to the Pavilion Center, another art deco structure used for sporting event and concerts.
  • Big Ten Ballroom: 1610 East Apache (Story)
  • Fire Station #15: 4162 East Admiral (Picture)
  • Fire Station #17: 1351 North Sheridan, Tulsa, OK (More)


Tulsa Art Deco Map #2

  • William Whenthoff Residence: 1142 South College Ave., Tulsa, OK
  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation: 1709 East King Place, Tulsa, OK
  • Southwestern Bell: 1333 North Utice, Tulsa, OK
  • Fire Station #16: 1401 North Lewis, Tulsa, OK


Tulsa Art Deco Map #3

  • The Brook Theater: 3401 South Peoria, Tulsa, OK
  • Christ The King Church: 1530 South Rockford, Tulsa, OK
  • Holland Hall School: 1850 South Boulder, Tulsa, OK

Historical references of architects and designers listed at


  • Boston Avenue United Methodist
  • Arnold Ungerman Residence
  • Jesse Davis Residence

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  • Hawk’s Ice Creak Company
  • Marquette School
  • Tulsa Monument Company