Electrical Concerns in Tulsa

When shopping for a new home, we look for certain things: a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the right size yard, carpet or hardwood floors. However, there are other things to look for in your new home which are not as visible, but just as important. One of those things is your electrical wiring.

In the 60’s and 70’s Zinsco® made electrical panels which were placed in many homes. This was a time when the electrical needs of homes was expanding and many manufacturers were working to meet the new demand. At some point, Zinsco® wanted to meet that need as well, so they decided to use a thinner breaker. They also switched to aluminum rather than copper. This allowed more breakers to be placed in their panels, and made them cheaper, but ultimately, they were unsafe. The aluminum and smaller breaker size worked together to create sparking and a fire hazard.

Inspectors see a Zinsco® panel as a red flag. This could potentially scare away potential buyers. Having it switched is a good idea. You can hire a professional to look over your electrical and see if you have a Zinsco® panel and if any changes need to be made.

As a homeowner you should be aware of your electrical panel. If you see sparking or have an electrical issue, you should turn off the electricity to the panel. Knowing where the panel is and how to turn off the electricity to certain rooms and the whole house can save lives and your home.

If your panel is in a closet, have it moved. Most experts advise keeping 3 feet in front of the panel clear and having one in a closet is a fire waiting to happen. If the panel begins to spark, it is close to very flammable items and out of sight, so a fire might not be detected until it is too late.

Once you know your panel is safe, and in a good location, have it checked to make sure all wiring is placed correctly and in a way it will not overload any of the breakers. This keeps your panel working properly and for a longer time. It also ensures you’re covered by your insurance if something happens with your electrical panel or wiring.

Electricity can be daunting. There are some great professionals in the area who can help you figure out what needs worked on. Be safe with all your electrical needs. Schedule a call, or an appointment, for your real estate questions today at askinforbaskin.com