Fab Lab Tulsa Brings Imagination to Life

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Do you have an invention in mind that you dream of creating? Do you have a child who would enjoy visiting a lab to create just about anything? The Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa is a community center offering access to advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication tools for learning, developing inventions, creating businesses, and making personalized products. Need a storage unit in your home, or a new business sign? You can head over to Fab Lab Tulsa to design and create it yourself!

Fab Lab Tulsa is one of over 700 MIT-chartered Fab Labs created as an educational outreach program for MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. The program began in the late 90’s, when MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld, noticed many of his students weren’t interested in building physical products. They were mostly captivated with the virtual world. As a result, professor Gershenfeld started a class “How to Make Almost Anything,” forcing students to apply their knowledge with digital fabrication equipment to build physical objects. Professor Gershenfeld then joined with Mel King, a local activist who ran a community center. At the time, this community center offered public access to computers and the internet. Professor Gershenfeld brought in digital fabrication equipment and gave local children access to this incredible technology. This became the first “Fab Lab”.

Fab Lab is now present in over 70 countries! “Fab Lab Tulsa is one of the top labs globally in terms of leadership, organization, support, size and capabilities, and an excellent example of the impact a Fab Lab can make on a community”. The 3,700 square-foot space includes a Computer Lab section with CAD/CAM software, conference area/classroom with presentation equipment, machine room including CNC machinery, power and hand tools, and so much more! The possibilities are endless! Fab Lab Tulsa is located at 710 S Lewis Ave., and they provide tours every Saturday at 3:00. The standard membership fee is $156 per year, which is only $13 per month!

These resources add a tremendous value to our community in Tulsa. Our city and real estate market depend on people buying homes and living here. We need to have resources available to encourage young people to live here, rather than moving elsewhere for opportunities. Tulsa is ranking high on the list of places where young people want to be for creativity, arts, manufacturing. Your support with community programs, such as Fab Lab Tulsa, helps our city to thrive. For more information on Fab Lab Tulsa, visit fablabtulsa.org.

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