Which is the Best Part of Tulsa for You?

Which is the Best Part of Tulsa for a First Time Home Buyer?


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6:32  First-time Home Buyer Loan Tulsa–  Midtown or South Tulsa?

Which Homes are Better- South Tulsa or Mid-Town? For first time home buyers, selecting a home can be a daunting task. There are many new things to learn and on top of everything you must decide whether to purchase a new home or older home and in what area of town you want to live.  For many young professionals, Midtown is the place to be.  It’s especially popular for those wanting to live near Brookside and Cherry Street. The Midtown area is about the lifestyle. It draws people.   There are many locally owned shops and unique stores and restaurants in Midtown arTulsaea.  It can also be good for those who work downtown.

Downtown Tulsa is developing more residential living options but the Midtown Tulsa area puts you near downtown Tulsa but in a lower density living environment that downtown Tulsa.  The walk score- how walkable a neighborhood is- is good in Midtown as well.  Midtown is quite different from South Tulsa though.  There is lots of growth in the South Tulsa and Bixby area.

In South Tulsa and Bixby, you are more likely to find chain restaurants and stores. There are many new restaurants, stores, health food stores, and fitness centers.  These have been great for South Tulsa and Bixby economic growth.  There is also lots of new construction.

The types of residential real estate in Tulsa vary  in Midtown versus South Tulsa and Bixby.  Midtown homes are generally older homes built from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.  These homes can often be pricey for first time home buyers.    In South Tulsa and Bixby you are most likely to find newer homes than those in Midtown.  For many Tulsa home buyers, especially first time Tulsa home buyers, purchasing a home in Midtown might seem a little out of their price range. Purchasing a home at a lower price and fixing it up can be a great opportunity to get a  home in the area you want, whether Midtown or South Tulsa.  When thinking about what type of home to buy and in what area, ask yourself:

  1. What type of lifestyle are you looking for?  Want to bike or walk to work?
  2. How much risk you are willing to take?
  3. How willing you are to work with a contractor? or How much work you can do yourself?
  4. How much down-payment or equity do you have?

There are lots of great homes for sale in the Tulsa area, talk to your Tulsa Realtor for more advice.

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