How to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home in Tulsa County

What is “the best deal” when listing your home?

Perhaps you have been thinking of adding your home to the Tulsa real estate market, and now you are ready to call an agent. How do you go about hiring a real estate agent who will get you the best deal at the best commission rate? Listen in to “The Future of Real Estate” at the 7:40 mark to hear Darryl Baskin tell you how to get the best commission rate when listing your house for sale in Tulsa.

When you are thinking of listing your home, what do you have in mind as “the best deal”? We often think we are getting a good deal when our home is listed at a low commission rate, but is this true? Consider what your objective is in regards to listing your house. What is your goal? The real objective is to get your home to a closing. If you get a good deal on the commission, but never make it to the closing stage, did you get a good deal? Alternatively, just because you paid the full rate commission, this does not mean you will get “full rate” service.

Take the time to interview your agents and get to know them. Ask yourself if you can trust this person – is this the person you want sitting across from you at closing? Does this person have my best interests at heart? Darryl offers a free report of “20 Questions to Ask Your Agent Today”. To receive a free copy, text Darryl at 918-732-9732.

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What do you need to know about flood insurance?

When you are in a situation as the people of Houston, Texas presently are, the best thing to do is call FEMA at 1-800-525-0321. This is an unimaginable situation and our thoughts are with the people in Texas. For more information, listen in at 30 minutes to learn more obtaining flood insurance in Tulsa.

Did you know that most home insurance policies do not include “loss of use”? Home owners who live in a flood zone are required to have flood insurance; however, people who do not live in a flood zone, typically do not give it a second thought. As a home owner, flood insurance is something you should consider, even if you are not in a flood zone. There is always a possibility of outside water getting into your home, even if you do not live close to a body of water. In addition, flood insurance does not cost very much. The policy itself is a government policy which is underwritten by your local agent. Call your local insurance agent, or call Bryan Smith at State Farm 918-794-0001, for more information, and pricing.

Transform a Room with Canned Lighting

Many older Tulsa homes don’t provide much in terms of recessed lighting. The good news is that you can easily transform a room with canned lighting.

Join in at 40 minutes to hear more about adding canned lighting to your home. Canned lights are recessed lights which look similar to a can. They are appealing in that they are nearly flush with the ceiling, meaning you do not have fixtures hanging all over your ceiling. Recessed lighting also makes the room feel, and look, bigger.

You may be wondering “how much will this cost”? Steve, at Murray Electric in Tulsa, is able to add canned lights at an estimated $165 per light (including parts and labor). If you wish to have LED lights, that adds an additional $25 per light. Another option is that you can purchase the lights and inserts yourself (based on recommendations from Steve) and Murray Electric can install the lights for you. Murray Electric can send someone to your house to evaluate your needs and provide a quote.

The job in itself may not be a “big job”. If the space exists from previous light fixtures, they can use this space to insert the can light. Otherwise, they will need to cut the sheetrock – a process which they are very careful about. As Steve said, they will not “butcher” your ceiling. They will cut channels and are very considerate of the fact that someone will have to patch up after they are done.

Steve also recommends that you consider adding a whole-house surge protector to protect your circuit board. Lightning does not have to hit your house directly to leave damaging affects; it can hit a transmission line nearby.

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