Inspection Tips For Selling and Buying in Tulsa

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a general inspection is always a good idea. For the buyer, often property disclosures are missing, and having an inspector look over the home gives peace of mind. For the seller, it shows you where your home might need some changes before you list it, and you know what will come up in future inspections.

A general inspection gives you a sense of the overall condition of your home and looks at the structural issues in your home. A good inspector tells you any issues in your wiring, the structure, and many other areas. However, they usually do not go much farther than the basics. Other kinds of inspections can be worth it for peace of mind. For example, roof inspections are wise since after 5-10 years, your insurance may not cover the full cost of replacing it. You may also want to look into inspections particular to your neighborhood, such as radon and mold.

Your inspection is an investment in your home. Even if a home is new, it will need upgrades and repairs. Inspectors can give you a heads-up as to which items you should be concerned about first. Find a good realtor who represents you as you buy, or sell, your home. They help you know how to interpret the inspection and can recommend good contractors for those things you need aid with. Schedule a call, or an appointment, for your real estate questions today at