Investing in Real Estate in The Pearl District, Tulsa, OK

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If you’re shopping for residential property in the Pearl District, you may have missed your opportunity for the best buys. Some segments of the market have stalled; however this is a great time for other sectors.

Kevin Anderson, Commercial Real Estate Broker in the Pearl District, said the Pearl District has experienced incredible appreciation. A paired analysis shows appreciation has been in the area of 20% per year for commercial properties. (A paired analysis is a study comparing a property which sold, and then sold again a couple years later, with no work done.) In regards to residential properties, we have seen more than a 20% increase.

The formal designation of the Pearl District is 11th Street to 244, and from the downtown area to Utica Ave. We also try to include the businesses around the Pearl District.

An exciting development in the area, is the City of Tulsa funding for the Peoria Avenue bus rapid transit system. This will provide buses along Peoria, every 15 minutes, in each direction. Service is expected to continue into the evening and on weekends. The Peoria route will be operational in August 2019, according to Tulsa Transit, and the 11th Street – 66 Route will be operation in 2021.

The addition of public transportation in the Pearl District will make a significant contribution to the development of the area. Reliable transportation is a necessity to meet the demands of people living in the community and visitors alike. If you live on Peoria, you’ll be able to take the bus downtown and save money on parking. In addition, when you own property along this corridor, it becomes transformed into more diverse use and higher demand.

To further re-invent and develop the area, a second Pearl District pond will go in, north of the VFW club. The pond will cover 3-4 blocks and will have a boardwalk around it. New housing developments are being built and are expected to open in March 2018. There are two restaurants coming in as well, and there are 130 businesses in the Pearl area.

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If you’re interested in commercial property in the Pearl District, contact Kevin Anderson, commercial real estate broker at Kevin Anderson and Associates via email: or phone 918-406-3197.

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  • 3510 E 104th Place – Located in Tulsa, nearly 1 acre, 1-level home, 3,400 SF, private master suite, updated kitchen, and new roof. Listed at $299,000
  • 30961 E 65th Street – Emerald Falls, new construction, backs up to former golf course. $40,000
  • 6708 S Atlanta Pl – Amazing buy! 5 bedrooms – 2 bedrooms on 1st level! Office with separate entry. New hardwood floor and plenty of closet space! Listed at $294,000

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