Junior Achievement of Tulsa Needs Volunteers

Click here to learn how you can volunteer with Junior Achievement of Tulsa

Junior Achievement (JA) of Tulsa, OK, is a rewarding community program worth becoming involved with.

It’s the time of year in which kids are back in school learning valuable information. However, at some point they will enter the real world. These young people will need to know how to balance a checkbook, pay their bills, elect officials, and how to pay taxes. The Junior Achievement program of Tulsa offers all of this, and more!

There can be a disconnection between what’s taught in the classroom and actual life skills. Students don’t always understand why they’re learning math, science, writing, and history. JA bridges this gap by connecting classroom experience to real life.

JA is in need of volunteers to teach and inspire young people to succeed in today’s economy. JA works with kindergarten through twelfth grade students; you choose which grade level you want to work with. As a volunteer, personal experience is applied with grade-level curriculum to teach the kids. Think of life lessons you learned in your teens and twenties, which you wish someone told you about earlier. These are valuable lessons kids need, and many of these kids don’t have their own role models.

For more information on volunteering with Junior Achievement Tulsa, visit www.jaok.org/

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