Listen to the Electrical Expert: Get a General Contract when Remodeling

Darryl & Steve from Murray Electric talk about the importance and benefits of hiring a general contractor

If you have remodeling plans or are ready to make some updates in your home, before you begin, it’s highly recommended that you search for, interview and hire a general contractor to spearhead the project.  Take it from first-hand advice, as noted by Steve, from Murray Electric, a general contractor knows the order of how things should be done, and how to get them done well and properly. Electricians work a lot with general contractors, being able to get into a home project at right time based on the expertise of a contractor can make a big difference in time and money expenditures.

Save yourself time and money and lessen your stress by working with a professional. Just as when you’re buying or selling your home, it’s better to work with a Realtor®, who’s there to help and support you, so too is it better to work with a general contractor. Well experienced and trustworthy contractors know how to deal with the permit and inspection processes, and they have their own trusted team of workers to help your remodeling project be completed the way you want it. So how do you find the right general contractor?

Just like hiring a Realtor®, you need to ask questions, and rely on multiple sources for input.  Don’t just go with the friend of a friend option. A friend’s contracting friend may be a great contractor, but the best way for you to find out is to check their references, including recent clients, contact the Better Business Bureau for their rating or to see if complaints have been filed. Another sure way to check on a general contractors’ integrity is to contact the OSCN which can provide you with all public legal documents associated with a person, including as past companies they owned or operated, if there are any liens against them, and if they are fully licensed.

Just as I have created my special FREE report, 20 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Next Agent Before You Sign on the Dotted Line, interviewing general contractors is worth the effort. My ultimate goal is to help educate home owners, seller and buyers, so they can be confident in dealing with their real estate transaction. The same should apply when it comes to being happy with your remodeling project.

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