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This show originally aired on January 23, 2010.

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The topics for this show include: Is Credit Life Really the Best Thing? with Mike Tedford of Tedford Insurance; Pond Pests- Are there things growing in your pond? with Duane Montgomery Exterminating; Senator Newberry discusses Sex Offenders.

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New bill in the State Senate would require sex offender registry for life.  Senator Dan Newberry is introducing a new bill in the State Senate.  The way the current registration system works is really based on the honor system.  They give an address and if they move and don’t give their information, the local law enforcement must track them down.  This bill would require all sex offenders to wear an electronic device that would allow law enforcement to track them down at any time.  Those that would weat this device have an 85% rate of continuing the same behavior.  Level one offender would be indecent exposure.  A level two and three would be more aggressive behavior such as soliciting minors and rape with instrumentation.  There is another bill being introduced that will require out of state sex offenders to pay a fee and wear the monitoring device in order to live in the state.  For more information on these bills contact Senator Newberry at 405-5215-600 or email him at

Is Credit Life Really the Best Thing?  Credit life will pay off your mortgage in the event of your death.  Your premiums won’t decrease as your mortgage does.  Your premiums will remain the same.  It is generally not the most cost effective as life insurance.  You can get more life insurance for the money than credit life.  With life insurance you will be able to use the money to cover more than just your mortgage.   For those that can’t qualify for life insurance, credit life would probably be an Ok investment but for those that qualify for life insurance, it will usually be the best plan. Make sure that you buy insurance from someone who is looking out for your best interest and not just for their commission.

For more information on life insurance in Oklahoma, contact Mike Tedford of Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or

Pond Pests- Are there things growing in your pond?  Many homeowners are concerned with purchasing a home with a pond due to maintenance and pest problems.  Who will maintain the pond?  There are some fish that will help reduce critters in the pond.  Catfish will eat just about anything.  Black Bass will eat crawdads and small snakes.  Keep the grass low and keep fish in the pond and you can reduce snakes.  We can also put stuff around the perimeter of the pond to keep them away.  There is nothing you can do to prevent mosquitoes now.  In the spring we can come and treat for them.

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