Habitat for Humanity

This show originally aired on June 6, 2009. 

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This week the show topics include:  How does Habitat for Humanity operate?, with executive director and president, Paul KentHow do I control flying pests and mosquitoes? with Duane Montgomery of Montgomery Exterminating; What is the new law affecting the Auto Insurance Database? from Mike Tedford with Tedford Insurance.
Habitat for Humanity  has been around for 20 years.  They just started their 201st home in Tulsa recently.  They generally build in lots that are in areas that have already been built up.  They usually build  West of the River and North of Tulsa.  Habitat currently has 150 sponsor organizations.  Each home costs $76,000, including land to build.

Are Habitat houses given away for free?  No.  Candidates must qualify for the program and take classes on home ownership.  The candidates that receive the home are required to work 50 hours on building another candidates home.  They also pay a zero interest mortgage to Habitat for Humanity as well as property taxes.

For more information on Habitat for Humanity, or how Habitat for Humanity operates, please contact Paul Kent with Habitat for Humanity at 918-592-4224 or visit their website.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
will stop issuing automatic fines for failure to pay toll until they match their records with new license plate records.

A Missouri firm will transform the old downtown Tulsa Plaza Hotel at 7th and Boulder into a full service Holiday Inn.The tax assessment being used to fund the ballpark in the Ballpark Assessment District at the Interdispersal Loop is being challenged.  The city council will be discussing this at the Thursday meeting.

What is the new law affecting the Auto Insurance database?  There is a database that is being opened up for use by police officers in order to determine the insurance coverage on a vehicle.  A new update to the database will help prevent insurance theft/fraud.  You may receive a new insurance verification card when it is not your normal renewal time.  This is simply due to the updates and changes to the database.
To find out more about the Auto Insurance Database and new laws affecting it, contact Mike Tedford at 918-299-2345 or at Tedford insurance.com.

What is the bug of the week?  The bug of the week consists of all flying pests.  Read on for more information on how to control these pests.

How can I control flying pests such as mosquitoes?
  Montgomery Exterminating sells a Mosquito Defense System that uses automatic sprays of
a natural product called pyrethrum, made from Chrysanthemum flowers. to kill pests such as mosquitoes.  The cost is $100 up front to purchase the system and a $40 monthly service fee during months of use, generally Spring and Summer.  Montgomery can even store the system for you during the Fall and Winter months when the system is not in use.To learn how to control and exterminate flying pest such as mosquitoes, contact Duane Montgomery, Montgomery Exterminating at 918-438-4885 or email him at sentricon@aol.com.