Home Owners Associations

This show originally aired March 13, 2010.

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The topics of this show include: Al Pro with Happy Hands will discuss what their organization is all about;What is Happy Hands?  Happy Hands is a Christian school for children that are deaf or have learning problems  By the time we are 3 and 4 years old we have learned 75% of their communication skills.  Many times, kids are not just being disobedient, they can’t communicate with you and are frustrated.  When children can communicate, such as signing before they were one year old, will learn a lot before they are even able to speak.  8800 S. Garnett is our new location that will be open in May, 2010.

Anyone that has concerns about their child having a hearing loss can contact us at 918- 665-1200 or www.happyhands.org.
March 27, 2010 is our upcoming Auction Dinner, which will benefit Happy Hands.  For tickets contact 918-660-0855.

Does Tulsa Have Too Many Hotels?  Part of the new growth in the hotel market is due to growth in certain areas of the market.

Is there a demand for more beds (rooms) in a hotel?  We will have to see if the current demand and growth will continue or if the demand will drop off.  The older properties will often be less desired and therefore become a budget property since people often want rooms with new amenities and decor.  The average daily rate has actually increased slightly from last year.

For more information about the market for Hotels, contact Mike Craddock of Hotel Broker One at 1703 E. Skelly Dr. #105  Tulsa, OK. 74105, 918-745-0606, or their website.

How do you deal with Home Owners Association?  You can’t just do what you want.  If you live in a subdivision there will often be covenants or home owners association that will have certain regulations limiting what you can and can’t do with your property.  If it against federal law then it is unenforceable.  If it is something about the roof or exterior of your property, you must comply.  When you have HOA that are “in your face”,  they have agreed to a change you are making and they later change your mind, then you may have recourse.  A HOA must be fair to everyone.  As a homeowner asking for permission to do something, give them copies of everything from blueprints to material types.  Give them lots of detail.

What is the HOA’s obligation in stating fees, etc? 
In order to assess fees, you must let everyone know what the fees are.  Many times, they will be escrowed as part of the HUD1 when they close on their home.  Always feel free to ask for a copy for covenants and regulations and read them before you buy.

How can a landlord be held liable for a tenants animal if they attack someone?
  If you, as a landlord are aware the animal is there or should have known, you could be held liable for the accident.

For more information about Home Owners Associations contact  David Keesling of Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux at 918-492-7674.