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This show originally aired July 25, 2009.

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The topics and guests for this week include: (this show was aired live from the Home and Garden Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the QT Center)  Remodeling your way to luxury with Gordon Shelton, McGraw Realtors; Insurance concerns during remodeling with Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance; The Bug of the Week with Duane Montgomery, Montgomery Exterminating.What insurance concerns should I have during remodeling of my home or business?  It is important to know that when remodeling, your insurance might not cover the added value to your home, as a result of the remodeling.  You also need to consider making sure that building materials are covered in case of theft and the worker’s doing the remodeling work on your home have worker’s compensation coverage.  Building material theft and accidents in the home during the remodeling process can cause added costs to the homeowner if these items are covered with your insurance policy.

For more information on insurance coverage needed during the remodeling process, please call Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or www.tedfordinsurance.com.

What should I consider when remodeling my home, but wanting to create a more luxury feeling?  First, keep in mind your budget and your priorities.  Very important to consider is that you don’t overimprove for the area.  Your realtor can give you property information for your area to give you an idea of the value homes in your area.  Also, a luxury feeling can be as simple as offering something in your home that is not offered in other homes in your area.  For example, if other homes in your area don’t offer granite countertops, but your home does, that would be something that would likely give buyers the idea of luxury.  For luxury remodeling in a bathroom, consider items such as granite countertops, marble tile, a whirlpool tub, or even a heated tile floor.  Many items that give a home a luxurious feeling for a buyer, are relatively inexpensive to add or install.

For more information about luxury properties in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area or for remodeling concerns involving your homes value, contact Gordon Shelton or Darryl Baskin, McGraw Realtors, at 918-592-6000.

How do I select a good roof for my property when I am remodeling?  Roofing can change the look of your home drastically.  Many homeowners are going towards a grand manor luxury shingle that looks like slate but is a composition shingle.  Other homeowners are putting slate on their roof.  it is important to keep in mind what your roof could handle, as far as the weight of the roofing material.  Upgrading your roof may increase your costs.  The Grand Manor and Camelot roofing shingles are about 2x the cost of the Timerline shingle.  The added cost, though, doesn’t always mean that the warrenty will be better or that the roof will last longer.

For more information on how to select roofing materials, upgrading your roof, or new roofing styles, contact Judy Smith, ABest Roofing, at  918-587-1426.

How do I prevent ticks on my property and in my home?  Ticks can be prevented and controlled through treating your pet and treating your property.  Treating around trees and taller grass is where we do the majority of treatment.  Without trees and taller grass it is harder for the tick to get onto you.  Most of the time they will get onto your clothes from taller grass or fall from trees.

To discuss treatment for ticks or other pests or to have us come out and treat your property, contact Duane Montgomery at Montgomery Exterminating, 918-438-4885 or email him at   sentricon@aol.com.
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