Homebuyer’s Tax Credit Extension

This show originally aired November 7, 2009

Topics for this show include:
   Extension of the Homebuyer’s Tax Credit with Karen Heston of BOK; Issues Affecting the Homeless with Steve Whitaker of John 3:!6 Mission; Termite Treatments with Duane Montgomery of Montgomery Exterminating.

Issues Affecting the Homeless–  Steve Whitaker with John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa says that currently John 3:16 mission holds 110 people, however we will not hold more until our expansion is done next year.  When our expansion is complete we will hold 300 people.  There are about 2000 homeless in the Tulsa area right now, not including the at risk homeless (which are homeless approximately 1/2 of the month).  John 3:16 feeds homeless people, help them go through every aspect of their life and find out what caused them to be homeless.  We desire to preserve their dignity in a caring environment.  Most panhandlers are not legitimate homeless people. Do not give them money, send them to John 3:16 mission.  Most legitimate homeless would not panhandle.

For more information about John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma or about how you can help serve the homeless community contact Steve Whitaker or Lee Bartel at 918-587-1186 or www.john316mission.org.

Will the Extension of the Homebuyer’s Tax Credit Have Different Requirements?-  the $8000 tax credit will be extended.  Current homeowner’s will be allowed to get a $6500 tax credit as well however.  You must have owned a home for at least 5 years to qualify.  Income qualifications have been expanded.  April 30, 2010 is the last day to write a contract but you must close by June 30, 2010.

To find out if you qualify for the extended homebuyer’s tax credit call Karen Heston, BOK Mortgage at 918-230-9432 or visit her website.

What Types of Treatments are Available for Termites?  Dow chemical company produces Sentricon, which only 6 exterminating companies in Tulsa can use.  Montgomery Exterminating is one of them.  Sentricon does not require spot treatments. It stands alone and does not touch your home.   Don’t automatically believe a company because they offer cheap prices or gimmicks.  Ask questions and make sure you are getting it done right.

For an estimate for termite treatment or questions about Sentricon, contact Duane Montgomery of Montgomery Exterminating at 918-438-4885 or www.montgomeryexterminating.com.