Incorporating Green Ideas

When building, remodeling, or replacing products in your home or commercial property, eco-friendly or green ideas can be very easy and often inexpensive to implement.  Here are some easy ways to incorporate green products into your property:

  • When building a new home or commercial space, face the widest part of the building to the north or south.
  • Place doors and windows where you will receive good cross-ventilation.
  • Ensure any attic space is well ventilated by using roof ridge vents, lighter colored roof materials, lots of insulation, and by placing A/C ducts in the attic to help absorb the heat.
  • Install an energy-efficient and properly sized heating and A/C system, make sure that duct work is correctly sealed, and use a programmable thermostat.
  • Utilize landscaping materials, plants and design that is appropriate for the climate and rainfall levels in your area.
  • Use low-flow toilets and showerheads and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Recyclable and renewable materials can be used for decking, siding, interior and exterior trim, and more.
  • Choose flooring materials made out of concrete, bamboo, or recycled wood.
  • Replace your air conditioning filter regularly to enhance the performance of your air conditioning system and to reduce pollutants.

For more ideas or estimates on incorporating green products and ideas into your home or commercial property, contact the professionals below:

Land Conservation and Reuse Studies:  DREI Group, contact Dennis Blind at (918) 812-2339, or

Roofing:  Royal Roofing, contact Jonathon Knapp at  918-398-6500 or

Landscaping Design:  Bluum Outdoor, contact Nathan at 918-599-8500, or

Heating and Air Conditioning:  Air Assurance, contact Stephen Taylor at

Building and Remodeling:  US Building Systems, contact Rick Oberlender at

Air Conditioning Filters:  Filters 4 Me, contact Rick Butefish at 292-8600,, or

Flooring Products:   ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings, contact Jim Ecrette at 252-7711 or (ask for Darryl Baskin’s preferred wholesale pricing).

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