Insurance Claims and Replacement Value

This show orignally aired December 12, 2009.

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The topics for this show include: Insurance Claims with Paul Boudreaux of Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux; The Bug of the Week, with Duane Montgomery of Montgomery Exterminating; Things That Make You Go Hmm- Replacement Cost with Your Insurance, Why Is It So Much? with Mike Tedford of Tedford Insurance

Jack in the Box restaurants come to Oklahoma

The federal government
says it has found a “strong association” between problematic imported Chinese drywall and corrosion of pipes and wires. Now it is migrated from toxic odors to destructive corrosion. Currently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission says its investigation has found a “possible” link between health problems reported by homeowners and higher than normal levels of hydrogen sulfide gas emitted from the wall board. The combination from this gas and other  components commonly found in new homes are suspected to cause these problems.

Foreign buyers are beginning to return to purchase real estate in the US. Many foreigners are saying current prices in the United States are a “once in a generation opportunity for real estate investment”.

Auditions for the next “Survivor”  reality television show is set for December 15 at the Million-Dollar Elm’s Osage Event Center in Tulsa

Rupe Building Company
has been selected to construct the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority 11,000 square-foot digital television studio and offices. The project will cost $2 million and would be constructed on the Oklahoma State University-Tulsa campus.

How Do I Handle an Insurance Claim?  Many times insurance adjustors are sub-contracted by the insurance company.  They often can’t answer questions about the policy or coverages.  You need to ask questions and find out what is covered and what isn’t.  Many policies stipulate that you have to file a lawsuit within 1 year of the claim or you will waive any right to doing so.  If there are problems with your claim, you may need to file a lawsuit before the year is up in order to make sure that your time doesn’t run out.  Don’t get to that position.  Work ahead and make sure that you aren’t put into that position.

For more information about filing insurance claims, contact Paul Boudreaux of Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux at 918-492-7674 or

How do I Keep Up the Value of My Home During These Difficult Economic Times?

1.   Mow your yard

2.   Mow your neighbor’s yard

3.   Keep house painted

4.   Support your homeowner’s association.  This is not the time to be quibbling over inconsequential matters.

5.   Watch your entry to the neighborhood

6.   Exterior matters most – many owners will be facing difficulty finding the funds to maintain the home as they have in the past.

7.   Don’t flood the market if you are not a necessary seller. Your presence as a home for sale (if it competes with another house in the neighborhood) could cause a seller who is desperate to sell to become more desperate and drop their price further to compete.

8.   Variety of selection is important.

9.   Talk up the neighborhood!  What you say to your friends is as important than any house advertisement.

10.  Never say “They will never get that!” to anyone…. EVER!  You should HOPE AND PRAY they DO!

Why is the Replacement Cost for Insurance So Much?
   Many times, you need to insure the property for more than what you paid.  At the time the property might need to be replaced, due to a tornado or other reasons, the costs will be more, therefore the replacement value needs to be more than what it might cost right now.

For more information about replacement value needed on your insurance contact Mike Tedford of Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or

How Do I Exterminate Earwigs?  These are unusual pests that are 1/2 inch long and have forceps on the back of them. They spend most of the time outdoors.  As with other pests they can come inside during cold weather.  They are attracted to mulch and other things we often put into our flowerbeds.  They do not cause much damage to our homes.  Spiders, such as Brown Recluse and Black Widows need to be watched for since they are poisonous.  Also, bedbugs will bite at night while we are in the bed.

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