Multiple Listing Service Misconceptions

This show originally aired October 24, 2009.

The topics for this show include: How to exterminate wasps with Duane Montgomery, Montgomery Exterminating; The Forest Ridge Showcase with  Steve Canada of McGraw Realtors; Misconceptions of the Multiple Listing Service with Darryl Baskin, McGraw Realtors; Things that Make You Go Humm with Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance.

What exactly is the Multiple Listing Service?  MLS is a service that provides listing information and photos for homes for sale.  In order to use the MLS system you must be a member, have a real estate license, pay fees and follow certain requirements including those for the keybox system.  It is important that properties are easy to see and are presented well online using good photography.   The Compensation factor is also very important.  About 50 % of houses Darryl sells are within the McGraw company.  The rest are with other real estate agencies in town.  The realtor is extremely important to the selling process. Continued follow up and the ease of showing the property are quite often what sells a home.

To buy or sell a home in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area or for more information on the Multiple Listing Service contact Darryl Baskin, eXp Realty, 918-258-2600 or

How can you avoid multiple deductibles for the same claim?
  With commercial properties there are usually multiple deductibles on your insurance  Homes can also have several.  In some cases theft can cause a deductible in multiple areas,  For example, things stolen from your car in your garage can cause a deductible for your home and another for your car.  Check out the language in your policy and talk to your insurance agent to find out beforehand.  Often if things are plugged into the power source of the car it is within the auto policy and things not plugged in are within the homeowners policy.    For an auto policy, find out if your policy will cover contents.  Also, is business use included in coverage for your auto policy?  Make sure you are aware of the limit on your policy for the contents or other factors of your policy.  Most important, make sure you have a reliable agent.

To find out more information about multiple deductibles on your insurance policy and what type of insurance coverage you need call Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or

How do you exterminate wasps when they have come into your chimney and home during the fall season?    The chimney holds more heat and they venture into the chimney due to the extra heat. Then they find their way out into your home.  To exterminate wasps or other pests contact Duane Montgomery, Montgomery Exterminating, 918-438-4885 or

Should I leave an allowance for carpet and paintShould I hold an open house?
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