Pre-marital Agreements

This show originally aired on 7-11-09

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This weeks show topics and guests include:  How do pre-martial agreements and pre-nups affect real estate transactions, with David Keisling, Richardson Law FirmHow do I handle and exterminate fleas from my property, Duane Montgomery, Montgomery Exterminating; How can insurance help me protect my assets, Mike Tedford, Tedford Insurance.
What should I plan for in a pre-martial agreement (anti-nuptial) or pre-nup?In Oklahoma the law says there is 1 to buy and 2 to sell.  If a single man buys a property and later gets married, his spouse can have a say or possible interest in the property is she can prove that she helped pay for the loan on  that property.  A pre-marital agreement  defines whose property it is and can prevent legal arguments later, should a divorce occur.  The agreement will cover three areas:  during marriage, upon divorce, upon death of a spouse.One thing that parties should ensure, when planning a pre-marital agreement is independent counsel.  Another is honesty and full disclosure of each parties assets.  Without a full disclosure, the agreement may not be valid later on.

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How do I exterminate fleas from my property?  There have been quite a few flea problems this year.  They lay in the shady areas of your yard.  Exterminating them depends on the structure.  Homeowners are asked to vacuum first and get rid of the bag.  Also have your carpets cleaned before we come.  We apply several products to the carpets, one for the eggs, one for the adults.

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What would insurance have to do with pre-nuptial agreements and asset protection?
  Insurance can help when you think about what would happen if a spouse were no longer able to provide for the family or to take care of their business.  Plan ahead and get an insurance policy that will cover expenses should a tragedy occur.

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