Roofing Problems

This show originally aired January 9, 2010.

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The topics for this show include:  Ice Damming Problems with your Roof by Judy Smith of A-Best Roofing; Insurance Lessons Learned  from Mike Tedford of Tedford Insurance; The Bug of the Week Duane Montgomery of Montgomery Exterminating;  News with Darryl Baskin of McGraw Realtors.

The Real Estate Market from 2009 is 1843 homes down from 2008.  The real estate market is doing quite well. However, although closed transactions are down and inventory is down, there is still a separation between supply and demand that is closing.  If this continues, over the course of time, we will see a great recovery.  The average sale price has dropped about $5000.  Most of what is selling are smaller homes.  The homes between $400,000 and 1 million are those that have seen the most drop in price.

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It is very important to hire the right professionals to repair your roof.  After having 2 companies do an estimate at their company, there was a $20,000 difference in the price.  The lower priced company was hired and no one paid attention after the work began.  When the job was almost done, they realized that the company was putting on asphalt instead of the roofing type that was quoted.  The reason the price was less was because the work done was not what the owners asked for.  It is important to  watch the work done and make sure that they are doing what you asked for.  Contractors know that the homeowners will not usually get on the roof to check the work.  Make sure you are hiring someone with good character.  Check references and check their work.

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What is an Ice Dam?  When ice and snow sit on a roof and builds up by freezing and thawing over and over again.  As heat rises up into the attic space, it will melt the underneath side of the ice.  The ice on top won’t melt if the outside temp is below freezing.  There is then no place for it to go and it will re-freeze on the eave of your home and when it melts it can cause the water to leak into your property and cause interior damage.  Don’t try to get the ice and snow off yourself by chiseling.  You will cause damage to your roof.  There is really nothing you can do once it starts.  Have your roof checked by a roofing professional and let them tell you which parts of the roof are most likely to have an ice dam and could use special roofing.

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Although it is winter and everything is frozen, bugs don’t rest.  Termites are still eating and damaging your properties right now.  They will remain alive until they are treated.  The Sentricon Baiting system will keep termites from molting.  In the winter they molt fewer times and the system will therefore take longer.  The Sentricon system takes time to work and will eliminate the entire colony.  Don’t just put in a termite system that controls termites, use one that will eliminate them.  The Sentricon system must be maintained.  We come out 4 times a year to check and make sure the chemicals are refilled.  Termite systems will only work as long as the chemical is there and effective.

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