The Demand Project: Protecting and Educating Tulsa Kids


Special Guest Kristin Weis, co-founder of The Demand Project talks about a critical issue facing our children today, and how we can help protect them.

The world has changed a lot since the internet came into our homes. While much of what we gain from having access to the world wide web are positive things, not everything online is nice. Some aspects are literally dangerous, especially for young, impressionable children. One of the worst side-effects of our digital world today is the prevalence of online predators. Motivated by the desire to help make the internet a safer place, The Demand Project works to prevent and prosecute against the sexual exploitation of kids. They also work to rescue & restore a sense of security and peace for victims of these horrific crimes.

Two key components to The Demand Project include school assemblies and parental education. Within the school assemblies, the founders Kristin and her husband Jason, speak to the kids in terms they can understand. The crimes they are aiming to prevent are clearly explained to their audiences, along with practical ways to avoid them. It’s also vitally important for parents to know what they can do to help protect their children; knowing just what website and applications kids are accessing, and ongoing discussion with them will go a long way to help this younger generation understand what dangers exist and how they can avoid them.

The internet and today’s technology make the sexual exploitation of children easier to do than you may think. This type of crime is not only something terrible to experience, but also brings with it life-altering trauma, and a long, hard road towards a better, happier future. The Demand Project wants to help protect kids from being victims in the first place, and help those in need already. Check out their website, to learn more, and be sure to tune in for our next show, when we will visit with Kristen again to learn about the amazing restoration facility this incredible organization has in the works.

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