Why You Get No Showings On Your House

Junior Achievement– Junior Achievement teaches kids the economics of life.  JA volunteers go into the classroom and teach a pre-written curriculum while imparting personal experience.  JA teaches kids all about the stock market, running a business, interviewing, reading utility meters, paying bills, balancing a checkbook and much more.  These important lessons can help young adults become more successful in life and can even help them have more respect for parents as they realize all they must do to provide for their family.  JA Volunteers add credibility to what a teacher may already be teaching.  For more information on Junior Achievement contact them at tulsa.ja.org.


What do you do when someone says, “I am going to call my attorney and get this straightened out!” ?  When there is a threat of an attorney getting involved there should not be great alarm if you are doing things right.  When the attorney comes in and looks at the process and checks things out, they will be able to tell the client that things are being done correctly.  It can often be a fear driven situation because the person doesn’t trust what is happening.  When you are working with others, always try to maintain a trustworthy relationship with them.  Let the process work through if an attorney gets involved.  If you are doing things right, there shouldn’t be many problems. For more real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com.


Extending the Life of Your Appliances–  If you use electricity and technology, you will eventually have a problem with the electricity going out.  Many don’t realize though that you will get little spikes in your power regularly.  This can come from the electric company and from your appliances as well.  These surges can cause problems with newer digital devices.  Surge protectors will level out the voltage and you won’t see the problems in your devices like you would without one.  You can get a surge protector with an indicator light on your surge protector that will tell you that your surge protector is still good.  Joules are the rating on a surge protector.  The higher the joules the better your protection.  In addition to the surge protectors you can purchase in the store, you can pay to have a whole house surge protector installed.  If you have ever had a problem with damage to your home or device you will likely realize the value that a $300 surge protector installed can save your thousands of dollars.  If you have one panel downstairs and another panel upstairs or on the other side of the house, each should have its own surge protectors. Surge protectors will also extend the life of your appliances, heater and air-conditioner, and lights.   For more information on whole house surge protectors or Tulsa electrical repairs contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or murrayelectric.com.


If I am not getting any showings, is it my agents fault?  First, it is unethical for any realtor to come in and try to interfere with the relationship you have with your realtor.  For example, they shouldn’t tell you that your agent is doing an awful job.  Next, consider this:  Is your house up to date?  Look at how it compares to others.  Realize that if your house is priced 10-12% above others, it will be ruled out by buyers before they ever come look.  Also, consider if your online pictures are nice?  If your online pictures aren’t nice your home will also likely get ruled out because they have others to look at.  Finally, is your agent representing it well online?  Is the data accurate, the pictures look good (good quality), is he responding to phone calls and emails when someone is acquiring?

If you want to hold your agent responsible, realize this:  there are thousands of agents in the Tulsa area that have access to the Tulsa MLS.  Even if you have a really bad agent, if he got the information online properly, then you should have some activity.  If you have absolutely no activity, it could likely be coming down to price and market demand for your property.  An in-depth market evaluation should be done which includes the absorption rate.  For more real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or darrylbaskin.com.


Tulsa real estate for sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes- HomeGuideTulsa.com

3909 N Battle Creek Drive Broken Arrow- $400,000- gated community, about 4000 square feet, 4+bedrooms, plus so much more.

8954 W 51st Street Tulsa-$999,999- 5 acres, over 9000 square feet per appraisal, pond, beautiful entry, huge dining room, much more.

10653 S 68th East Avenue Tulsa- $410,000- Forest Trails, large lots, mature trees, mother in law suite, two masters.

6630-6632 S 78th East Avenue Tulsa- $249,000- Duplex, half is vacant, half is leased, great opportunity for income from half and to occupy the other half.