The Scoop on Mold in the Home- What Tulsa, OK Residents Need to Know

Special Guest, nationally recognized expert on Mold in homes, Tom Brick joins us for a phone interview every Tulsa Home Seller or buyer should know about.

We recently had a client with a mold issue. There was some possible mold found when preparing to list the property, so a mold inspector was brought in for an assessment. Mold, the spores of mother nature which can cause health issues, had gotten into the structure of the house; or so they thought. A second inspection and test showed no high levels of mold. This disparity brought up some interesting questions which we posed to one of the top national experts on mold in the home, Tom Brick.

According to Tom, there are some key things to keep in mind when it comes to mold. First- while there can be health issues, such as respiratory problems, mold isn’t fatal. Second, prevention of mold is the key to keeping your home environment healthy. Third, if mold is suspected, working with an experienced licensed inspector and technicians will be your best resources for mold issues. And fourth, getting a second or third opinion is always a good option to consider.

Mold grows in moist air. With a bit of care and diligent maintenance, most Tulsa homeowners can prevent mold from ever being an issue. This is best achieved with a good HVAC system where the moisture level in the air is kept between 40%- 50%. A good air flow exchange through your air conditioning system is likely to be all that’s needed to maintain this ideal air quality environment.

If a musty smell is noted in a home, or water spots appear on walls or ceilings, your home could be impacting the overall health of you and your family. It’s best to have a mold inspection done, and if needed to have the mold removed by a professional. When mold is confirmed in the home, proper clean up includes keeping the area sealed off from the rest of the house, as molds are airborne spores, disturbing them can send them to other rooms in your home and prolong the issue.

Just as hiring an electrician or plumber is the ideal for complex repairs, so too is working with an experienced, licensed mold inspector and removal service. As mold levels in the air can fluctuate greatly depending on the weather and season, getting at least two opinions is recommended. If both inspections have a large disparity in results, it’s worth it to get a third for a better comparison.

Find out about more things every Tulsa, OK Homeowner should know about mold by listening to the entire phone interview with Tom Brick on The Future of Real Estate is Now. If you have concerns with mold in your home, check out the CDC Government website for more information about mold and air quality, as well as additional resources.