TTCU Loan Options Can Help Tulsa, OK Home Buyers Get More from Their Investment

Darryl and Dan Newberry of TTCU discuss a loan options for home buyers to put more into their investment with home improvements.

When planning to buy a home in the Tulsa, OK or Green Region, it’s important to get the best loan for your situation. Watching interest rates can help you determine the best time to get a loan as well. Working with a trusted mortgage funding resource such as TTCU is a sure way to get the advice you need to make the decision of when to get a loan, and for how much.

There’s a great new product available through TTCU which Dan Newberry shared with us on our latest broadcast of The Future of Real Estate is Now radio show. Many home buying investors, those who are purchasing rentals or flipping homes for an investment gain potential, often seek out a fixer-upper or a home which needs some work before renting or selling it again. These homes are often at a lower price, but with a catch; there’s a significant cost to the buyer to update and repair the property.

For property investors, they often have the cash available to handle these bigger price tag projects. But what about your average home buyer? Having access to a large sum of funding beyond a mortgage loan can be a challenge, if not a hinderance, towards updating a home. In comes TTCU to the rescue with a new option. This Tulsa region credit union now has a loan product for home buyers to get up to $40,000 in funding to put towards home improvements.

With such a loan, the goal is two-fold. First, it allows home buyers to update a newly purchased house, so they can really love where they live. Second, this can also help a property appreciate in value more readily, as often improvements and updates will equate in a higher value when it’s time to sell once again. This is good news for a lender such as TTCU; they see it as an investment in their clients as much as it is in a property, a win-win situation for everyone.

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