The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Interest Rates

The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Interest Rates

Tulsa Interest Rates

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C.A.S.A.- Court Appointed Special Advocates- 3:20

Tulsa Interest Rates- 35:15

Insurance for College?- 45:20

CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates is an organization the speaks for children in the court system.  CASA Volunteers are trained.  Training is free.  CASA volunteers work with teachers, parents, kids, attorneys, caseworkers, doctors and others involved in the case and the child’s life.  Volunteers help provide a voice for the child so that their best interest can be met.   For more information contact Tulsa CASA at

Interest Rates–  The market has been going a little crazy lately.  The feds started pulling money out of the stock market.  The stock market lost all the gains it has made this year.  When the stock market drops like this people generally invest in bonds.  The market has been overinflated and the bond market has been dropping so that people aren’t investing in them.  That generally means that mortgage rates will likely be lower. Its a cycle though so rates will go back up.  When rates are lower, it can be a good time to lock in rates for your family and your future.  Do your research and talk to real estate and mortgage professionals to find out what you options are and what is best for your family.  Contact us at TTCU The Credit Union at or 918-749-8828.

Insurance for College?–  It is estimated that college kids will take $5000-10,000 worth of contents with them to school. There are cell phones, laptops, and lots more.  The standard homeowners policy allows for 10% of the contents to be off premises.  It is generally coverage C- contents.  The same coverage extension that would apply to a disaster on vacation or items stolen out of your car.  If you have more than 10% in contents off site consider adding on to your policy.  If your student is living off campus, consider renters insurance.  Also educate your kids about identity theft. Identity can be stolen quite easily and is pretty common for college aged kids.  Auto insurance typically follows the car.  When they allow somebody to borrow their car, they are essentially borrowing your insurance. Another consideration is to add an umbrella to your policy – excess liability.  For more information on protecting yourself, your family, and your belongings, call Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or


Tulsa Real Estate For Sale

Home Guide Tulsa– One Address Thousands of Homes

6301  East 105- $2.2 Million, Circle Drive, Enormous Lot, Library with Fireplace and Private Patio, Balcony on Top Level, Open Kitchen, Four Seasons Room, Gated Community

4507 Edgewood- $489,000, Sapulpa, 10 Acres

6821 East 112- $450,000, Stanford Elm, Bixby Schools, Gated Community, 3 Car Garage, Pool,

5128 Redbud- Sand Springs, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, Four Seasons Room,

32271 East 721 Terrace- $146,500, Corner Lot, Garage, Worshop