Tulsa Real Estate history with Joe McGraw Realtors Tulsa

Tulsa real estate would not be the same without Joe McGraw, a local legend in Tulsa real estate. When Joe McGraw started what is today McGraw Realtors, he set out with a vision which led to consistent company growth. Today, McGraw Realtors is Oklahoma’s largest real estate brokerage with eight offices and over 500 real estate sales associates. McGraw Realtors Tulsa has been an asset to the Tulsa community in countless ways with support of non-profits and general corporate citizenship and personal activity from its agents.

His stories are truly fascinating and an interesting look into the history of Tulsa, OK.

Joe McGraw was a former Oklahoma state legislator near the time he started McGraw Breckenridge (which later became McGraw Realtors.)

When I started my real estate career at the age of 18, I found it difficult to gain acceptance in a world of good ole’ boys (although mostly women). Joe McGraw was welcoming, patient, and supportive to me as a young tulsa Realtor. During my twenty two years with the McGraw Realtors Tulsa, I experienced success on many different levels thanks to Joe McGraw’s support; Rookie of the Year, Top Sales in volume and/or transactions for at least 15 of those years, and eventually partner with the company.

Today, the Tulsa real estate agent landscape is much younger and diverse. Joe McGraw and McGraw Realtors, Tulsa should get significant credit for influencing that in Tulsa real estate since he was willing in those earlier years to take on the risk of young and inexperienced real estate agents. That is a risk for a company brand which could be negatively affected but Joe McGraw took it.

Although I have no regrets for establishing the innovative and visionary eXp Realty platform, McGraw Realtors Tulsa is a Tulsa real estate company I am proud to have as part of my real estate career history. Today, I continue to enjoy working with their many real estate associates and staff and consider Tulsa, OK very fortunate to have such professional real estate players in the market.