Unlock Freedom, Bring New Hope to the Vulnerable in Tulsa, OK

Special Guest Sara Weller of Unlock Freedom talks with Darryl about the fastest growing crime enterprise in the world, and how it’s impacting our Tulsa communities. 

There are times where we want to live life through rose-colored classes, where everything is perfect, there’s no stress, nothing but happiness and joy. While this is not always a full reality as nothing is truly perfect, most of us manage to get there at least partway. We may not always have our ideal job, or we may need to deal with financial or health stresses, but generally speaking, leading a happy, healthy lifestyle is achievable. Many of us understand we have our own choices to make, that we can create a good life with a bit of hard work and perseverance, and a lot of support from family, friends and colleagues.

This is not so for everyone however, in particular for the disenfranchised. There are victims within our own community who have been forced into a life of having no choice, most horrifically within the world of human sex trafficking. Sara Weller of Unlock Freedom was on our latest airing of The Future of Real Estate is Now radio show, sharing vital information regarding this often hushed-up aspect of today’s world, and how we can make a difference.

As with many community initiatives, help and a better future begin with education. Unlock Freedom is an organization dedicated to fighting the battle against the fastest growing crime enterprise in the world, human trafficking. If you think this only impacts unfortunate souls just in third-world countries, we have a shock for you. Human trafficking affects people right here in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, across the region. The enforced labor of young girls and boys alike is a very scary and very real concern. But we can help protect our most vulnerable and help them get out of this unfortunate life situation.

According to Sara, this is best achieved with education and outreach programs. With the “It Stops With Me” curriculum presented by Unlock Freedom at schools around the Tulsa, OK area, kids and parents a like are learning about what human sex trafficking is, the various ways it exists, and that there’s actually an industry of money making businesses out there which are perpetuating the cycle of abuse, all for the sake of a dollar. By giving this issue a name and providing resources and tools to gain a better understanding of what to watch for, such as warning signs, everyone can be better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Unlock Freedom is also about helping those who are direct victims of this terrible situation. Help comes in the form of rescues from forced abductions or work in sex industries, as well as providing a local connection. Meeting with someone who really cares about them, what happens to them and who genuinely wants to help can make a big difference. One beautiful way this is being achieved is the giving of a small gift from an Unlock Freedom volunteer to a victim. The gift is given with love, to provide a piece of hope, and to let them know that regardless of their situation, they are worthy, they are a good person, they are loved. Feeling a sense of support through an emotional bond is a major stepping stone for people in our own communities to embrace and begin feeling empowered themselves, to get help and get out.

I encourage you to listen to the entire discussion with Sara and myself on The Future of Real Estate is Now. This is a critical topic which can impact anyone, including those we love. It’s important to know about community issues and the organizations and people whom are out there, making a difference to help those in need so we can all benefit as a whole. You can also discover more at UnlockFreedom.org.


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