Volunteer with Junior Achievement of Tulsa, OK to Empower Young People, and Make a Difference in the Community!

Junior Achievement (JA) of Tulsa, OK, is a non-profit program which teaches students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, about economics, work preparedness, and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement is an amazing program to get involved with, and offers a great opportunity for experienced professionals to give back to the community. JA is in need of volunteers to teach, and inspire young people to succeed in today’s economy.

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Junior Achievement teaches everything from the stock market to world economics. One of their flagship programs is a 5th grade curriculum in which students participate in JA Biztown. JA Biztown is a miniature Tulsa inside a building! It includes businesses which represent Tulsa, such as Arby’s, Cox Communications, Linde, and more! They even have a city work crew with cones, barriers, and PSO meters. Inside “mini Tulsa”, the kids apply classroom skills to the real world by “working”, balancing checkbooks, running a business, creating schedules, and even electing a mayor. Through this program, they learn valuable life-skills.


Through this “real-life” experience, kids are able to learn how to think realistically. For example, they choose the kind of car they want to have in the future, and then are taught how much that car actually costs. Along with understanding how much they are earning, kids can then determine if they can reach their goal in buying a car. In mini-Tulsa, they are earning a salary, paying bills, budgeting, and learning the consequences of not paying their bills on time. And this is only one of the programs offered by JA!


Programs such as this teach young people life-long skills. Many of the students don’t have a role model in their life to teach them directly. Junior Achievement programs and volunteers empower these kids to not grow up thinking “life just happens to them”. Instead, this organization helps them to realize they can make a difference in what their future is. They can take their ideas and put them into action. They can make their own life better and help others themselves. In addition, JA takes what is being in taught in the classroom, such as math, science, and history, and makes it relevant. This helps children understand why they are sitting in a classroom to learn, and helps the teachers to connect with students in a different way.


JA needs volunteers with experience in budgeting, finance, and economics. If you are a business owner, and have employees which are looking for volunteer work, consider letting them teach through Junior Achievement. It’s not a big commitment, typically calling for 1 hour per week for 5 or 8 weeks, though there are some longer-term programs as well. The fall session is starting soon! If you have any interest in volunteering, or for more information about Junior Achievement, contact them at jaok.org.

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